Untertainment Weakly (9-2-11)

By Jake 
The price of Netflix just went up. Unless you just cancelled getting DVDs and kept streaming, and then it is $1 less.

In other Netflix news, they have failed to come to terms with Starz to keep bringing their content. So, that is really bad news for streamers.

The jackass who directed “Max Payne” will direct the next terrible, PG-13 Die Hard film.

This just in: George Lucas is a revisionist idiot whose legacy is beyond tarnished.

Hide your firearms: Dan Akroyd and Jon Belushi’s widow are planning on a TV version of “The Blues Brothers.”

Jaleel White will guest star on an episode of “House”!

Looking through entertainment news I was sadly reminded that Spike Lee is remaking “Oldboy.”

“Absolutely Fabulous” is returning for three specials. This may be good or bad news, depending on your personal taste.  

Movies Out Today  

Apollo 18 - The long awaited sequel to “Apollo 13” finally hits cinemas this weekend. This is the story of two Americans (“USA! USA!”) who secretively fly to the moon for one last manned space exploration mission. The government has kept this mission under wraps until they decided to let Ron Howard make it into a film. When TV’s Richie Cunningham wants to turn a secret space mission into a major motion picture, you have no choice. This movie might have the first hard proof of extraterrestrial life, so you better go see it, unless you’re xenophobic--and then you should protest it.  

Shark Night 3D - From the director of “Final Destination 2” and “Snakes on a Plane”--and hey, those movies are stupid fun--comes this take of sharks and the evening. If I had to guess what the plot is like, I would guess somewhere between “Jaws” and “Piranha.” This movie could be fun, I suppose, but it will probably be really stupid. You already know if you want to see it.  

The Debt - Finally, a movie about paying back your loans!

Other Thoughts TV shows are coming back soon! In preparation, I have been watching “Community” and catching up on “Bones.” I just finished watching the first two seasons of “The League,” which is such a funny show (and the first season is on Netflix Instant).

Speaking of Netflix, is it time to jump ship? Without Starz, it would seem that their new streaming selection would drop greatly. Amazon’s instant video service that comes with Prime has many of the TV Shows, as does Hulu Plus (although it costs more than Netflix). I’m trying out Prime right now and the two-day shipping is really nice, but the video selection is a little lacking. It is a bit cheaper than Netflix, though.


  1. Apollo 18 is about Rocky's friend's great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson! I am really looking forward to watching Community every week again@!

  2. I am so excited about "Community."

    Also, still looking for feedback on Netflix.

  3. I saw Apollo 18 with Scott and there were jokes about what it was like to fart in space and talk about how women couldn't be astronauts because their periods would attract space bears. Deeply offensive.

    Stick with Netflix but only watch children's shows on it.


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