Life with Mikey #99

By Mikey

Why do they call it starved rock? Rocks don't eat.

What does a scallop look like when it's alive?

Outside of the carts I just don't see the appeal of golf.

How can Goofy and Pluto both be dogs? Goofy wears clothes and is human-like and Pluto is like a regular Earth dog. It doesn't make any darn sense.

I like to quote the Three Stooges when I can.

Life jackets need to be more stylish.

Ziggy should be on a stamp.

What is so silly about copying comics and bouncing?

Ritz is the king of crackers. Rice crackers are the court jester.

Are we still allowed to call it Indian corn?


  1. What is more stylish than having your life saved, jerk!

  2. Name one three stooges quote.

  3. Hahaha! @ the last one Mikey. You're still a dope though...