Untertaiment Weakly (10-7-11)

By Jake

It seems like next season could be the last season of the long-running animated program “The Simpsons.”  24 seasons, why not go for 25?

“The Playboy Club” is the first cancellation of the fall season.

It seems likely that there will be a new season of “Arrested Development.”  It is not a done deal, no matter what excited fanboys tell you.  Netflix and Showtime are in talks right now.

“Mr. Ed: The Movie.”

Steve Jobs had died.

“2 Broke Girls” has been given a full season order.  No surprise as it’s a huge hit.

NBC has ordered full seasons of “Up All Night” and “Whitney.”  It’s a good year for Whitney Cummings.

Netflix is in talks with the makers of “Reno 911” to produce new episodes.

The CW canceled “H8R,” whatever that is.  A show, I guess.

“The New Girl” is now the highest rated program on Tuesday, overtaking “NCIS.”

Paul Scheer’s ridiculous and hilarious show “NTSF:SD:SUV::” has been renewed for a second season.  I’m very happy about this!

NBC canceled “Free Agents,” unfortunately.  It was on the wrong night.

Connie Britton says that a “Friday Night Lights” movie is on the way.

 Movies Out Today
Real Steel - A companion piece to “Fake Steel.”  Hugh Jackman leads a group of robot boxers to the special robot olympics.  Who takes the gold, silver and bronze?  The only way to find out is by watching this movie.  But really, are you going to watch this movie?

The Ides of March - If a movie has “March” in the title, clearly the best month for release is October.  George Clooney directs this political film about the Democratic primaries.  The only person who will see this is Glenn, not because of the politics, but because he thinks George Clooney is hot.

Other Thoughts
Disappointed that NBC didn’t try “Free Agents” on another night before axing it.  It was a pretty funny show that was essentially the same as any of the other workplace shows.

Really hate what’s going on with “The Simpsons” right now.  It is the best show on television and has been for over twenty years.  If they cancel it, their entire Sunday lineup is going to crumble like a game of Jenga when its the turn of your Parkinsons diagnosed uncle.

“Arrested Development” potentially coming back is really great news.  Netflix is amazing for ordering new seasons of dead shows.  Maybe they can grab “The Simpsons.”


  1. What 'is' going on with The Simpsons??

  2. Fox wants everybody to take massive paycuts. And it seems like they, in general, only want to produce one more season. It doesn't make sense, though. The Simpsons is the glue that holds together the Fox Network.

  3. I want to see Ideas of March! March is the best month for ideas - it's when the government created HIV.

    Also, my personal recommendation (since Jake won't let me write an entertainment article anymore) is that the New Girl is worth watching and 2 Broke Girls isn't.

  4. New Girl is far more worth watching that 2 Broke Girls, but I enjoy them both to varying degrees. 2 Broke Girls is a very stupid and raunchy program.


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