The Meaning of Life with Mikey

By Mikey

I often sit on a dock, fishing rod in hand and bait on the hook, and look out across the water and think about the meaning of life.  Really it can be anywhere or anything.  You could find the meaning of life in the second panel of a Dilbert strip or after the credits of a movie like “Thor.”  Today, I am going to try and figure out the meaning of life.

There is little as satisfying as copying a comic onto a flattened piece of silly putty.  It is hard to read, but it bounces.

I’m not so sure about meditating, but my mind often wanders when I’m reading one of Dave Barry’s books.

Andy Capp might have been an alcoholic and a poor husband, but he had some great ideas when it came to napping.

I believe in karma, which is why I donate plasma regularly.  Plus, I enjoy the extra spending money.

They say success is the best revenge, I don’t necessarily agree, but it is a lot less illegal than murder.

The Beatles claimed that happiness is a warm gun, but I think happiness is a warm roast beef sandwich, dipped in au jus and served alongside an order of curly fries and an ice cold root beer.

Toy Story 3 raises a lot of questions, like do toys have souls.

Life doesn’t get better than eating a Hershey’s chocolate bar.

I’m not sure about astrology and fortune telling.  I mean, my horoscope in the newspaper is usually correct, but it just seems like a coincidence.

I asked a bowl of alphabet soup, “What is the meaning of life?”  It said: “AACBLLA.”  I don’t know what it means, but that is the meaning of life, I guess.


  1. Life does get better than a Hershey's bar! It's the worst chocolate bar on the market!!!

  2. I am reading this at work and feel I should confess this because I feel SO BAD FOR READING YOUR BLATHER! Btw, looking forward to the next article.


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