Untertainment Weakly (2-3-12)

By Jake

Katy Perry plans on making a 3D “documentary-style” film.  See her boobs in 3D.

Adult Swim has announced a new talk show hosted by comedian Eric Andre and co-hosted by Hannibal Buress.

Fox has picked up Mindy Kaling’s sitcom pilot about a “Bridget Jones-type doctor.”  I’ll watch it, even though it sound horrible.

Julian Assange will be the guest star of the 500th episode of “The Simpsons.”

Tilda Swinton and John Hurt have joined the Jim Jarmusch vampire movie, “Only Lovers Left Alive.  I am so down with this one.

Louis C.K. and Spike Feresten are creating a sitcom for CBS.

“Lost” star Ken Leung and Tig Nataro have joined Sarah Sliverman’s NBC show.

The “Munsters” reboot that NBC is putting out (as a drama, no less) will be titled “Mockingbird Lane.”

The huge flop “Atlas Shrugged” will be getting a sequel that the producers hope to get out by October.

There’s going to be a prequel to “Jackie Brown.”  It will not be directed by Quentin Tarrantino, of course.

Adam Sandler is in talks to co-write and star in a “Candyland” movie.  Fucking gross.

Movies Out This Weekend
Chronicle - Some teens get super powers and use them to kill people.  I’ve seen the trailer of this movie about 100 hundred times during “Monday Night RAW.”  It looks absolutely awful.  Ebert gave it 3.5 stars, so he fucking liked it!  Maybe you should see it.  What do I know?

The Lady in Black - I thought this was going to be a movie about John Dillinger, but it’s about some monsters or some shit.  I guess the monster is a lady in black.  Is this really what you want your kids seeing?

Other Thoughts
Super Bowl Commercials - There is a certain type of person--and perhaps you are one of them--that does not care about American football, yet will watch the Super Bowl to view the commercials.  “I like the commercials” is the mantra of these types of people.  They find the commercials funny or exciting, I suppose.  These people make me sick.

I cannot stand advertisements.  They are the most deliberate form of heavy-handed propaganda.  I would rather have some jerk tell me about their dreams than have them tell me about a “funny” commercial.  So please, do not tell me about the funny commercials you see during the Super Bowl.


  1. I hate Katy Perry's music, but she is a very attractive woman.

  2. I know that nobody comments on articles anymore, but I am going to go ahead and give a news update: 30 Rock is getting worse ratings than "Community" did in the same timeslot. Seems like 30 Rock has moved from "sure to get renewed" to potentially being "on the bubble."

  3. You should debate the merits of Super Bowl commercials with Glenn.

    Also, maybe NBC will do a switcheroo with 30 Rock and Community. Actually, I want them both to go on forever.

  4. Super Bowl commercials would have been a good debate topic, but it's going to pass us by, sadly. Maybe next year if we remember.

    I don't know what NBC should do. Their highest rated Thursday show (The Office) doesn't bring ratings in for any of the other shows and it seems like it will be gone soon with Rainn Wilson and Mindy Kaling leaving. NBC should keep Community on for at least one more season so it can be syndicated. 30 Rock is alredy heavily syndicated and people would protest and shit if they didn't get another season. NBC actually listens to that shit so they'll probably get a seventh season.

  5. There will be no super bowl next year.

    Also Katy Perry's breasts have their own TV show in the fall!

  6. I am happy about the Hannibal Buress news and the Jim Jarmusch news! I thought the Julian Assange news was a hilarious joke!!

  7. The Julian Assange news isn't a joke!


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