Untertainment Weakly (2-10-12)

By Jake

Owen Wilson and Glenn’s favorite actor, Vince Vaughn, will reunite for “Interns.”

“Machete Kills,” the sequel to the fantastic “Machete,” has secured financing.

NBC’s “Smash” is a big hit for NBC, drawing in 11 million viewers.

Katerine Heigl, America’s greatest treasure, has joined the puppet comedy/thriller “The Happytime Murders.”  This actually sounds like an amazing movie.  It’s about a puppet P.I. investigating the murders of a 80s children’s television show.

ABC has picked up a pilot starring Mandy Moore as a newlywed who runs a “cool restaurant.”

Michael Showalter has confirmed that there is “100%” going to be a sequel to “Wet Hot American Summer.”

“House” is ending this year.

Gary Busey has filed for bankruptcy.  Guess reality TV doesn’t pay as well as I thought.

Movies Out This Weekend
Journey 2 - I have seen the trailer of this film.  It is a movie where The Rock and Luis Guzman hang out with children and elephants are really small.  Plus, The Rock bounces things off of his titties.  Luis Guzman probably farts.  He looks like a farter, don’t you think?  I think one of the kids is Selena Gomez, but I’m not 100% sure I even know who that is.  This is a sequel to “Journey.”

Safe House - This flick is about Denzel Washington converting an entire house into a safe for Scrooge McDuck.  Denzel Washington is playing himself.  This sounds like a pretty boring movie.

The Vow - I vow never to see this movie!

Other Thoughts
Some pretty good news this week.  The puppet comedy/thriller sounds great.  “Wet Hot American Summer” sequel is amazing news.  “Machete Kills” finding funding is awesome.  Mandy Moore’s awful sounding sitcom sounds great!

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  1. Saw the Vow at an advance screening last weekend. It is truly beautiful. It will change the way my married friends think about marriage.

  2. You are by far Mandy Moore's biggest fan. I can't wait for "Machete Kills" and if the Safe House movie is what you say it is I would 100% go see it.

  3. Wet Hot American Summer The Squekqual - The State/Chipmunks crossover sounds awesome!!!


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