Untertainment Weakly (6-1-12)

By Jake

A “Fraggle Rock” movie is in the works.  Written by the writers of “Rango.”

“Nurse Jackie” has been renewed by Showtime.

“Jersey Shore”’s The Situation is getting his own comic book.  Why?  Who knows, but it’s probably going to be pretty fucked up.

NBC has ordered the singing show “And the Winner Is.”  Finally, America will get to see people sing on TV!

Anthony Bourdain is going to host a Sunday primetime show on CNN.

“Cougar Town” got a new showrunner in Ric Swartzlander, from “Gary Unmarried” “fame.”

Jerry Seinfeld is going to guest star on an episode of “Louie.”

Matthew Perry Watch

Matthew Perry appeared on NHL Hour this week to talk about the LA Kings.  

Movies Out This Weekend
Snow White and the Huntsmen - Finally, a movie about Snow White.  This is the second Snow White movie released this year, and “Mirror Mirror” did not do big business.  Will this one?  It has that wooden lady from “Twilight” in it, so maybe.  I would urge everybody not to see it, but nobody listens to me.  Everybody still went out and saw “Men in Black III” last week.

Pirhanna 3DD - This isn’t playing in any theaters in Peoria.  Is it playing in theaters near you?  Do you really care if it is?  The first “Pirhanna” movie was stupid fun, but this one doesn’t have Adam Scott, Jerry O’Connell or Paul Scheer.  It has Katrina Bowden and David Koechner, which is fair, but is not the same.  This movie is probably really bad.

Movies I Watched This Week
Hollywood Shuffle - 8/10
Bending the Rules - 2/10
Student Bodies - 4/10
My Boyfriend’s Back 6.5/10

Song of the Week

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  1. Great news about Louie AND NHL hour my #1 and #2 favorite TV comedies!


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