Untertainment Weakly (6-29-12)

By Jake

There’s a “Think Like a Man” sequel in the works.  All of the characters read “The Great Gatsby.”

Chevy Chase is remaining on “Community.”

B.J. Novak has quit “The Office.”

Tyler Perry is working on a science fiction screenplay.  Greatest news of all time.

Ryan Reynolds will star in the “Highlander” reboot.

Nora Ephron has passed on from this plane of existence.

Kristin Chenoworth will have a recurring role on the upcoming season of “The Good Wife.”  Maura Tierney also joins.

There is going to be another “Child’s Play” movie!

The subject of the next Comedy Central roast will be Roseanne.

Marilyn Manson will guest star on an upcoming episode of “Californication.”

Matthew Perry Watch

Matthew Perry will finally be on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!  Congrats, Matty P.

Movies Out This Weekend
Ted - Seth Macfarlane’s new film about a talking teddy bear that hangs out with Marky Mark.  The trailers to this look funny and I sometimes find Macfarlane’s shows funny.  I hate “Family Guy,” but I really enjoy “American Dad.”  I am going to see this today.

Magic Mike - Steven Soderbergh’s male stripper movie.  It has a high rating on Rotten Tomatoes and Soderbergh is pretty great.  Plus, you might get to see Channing Tatum naked.

People Like Us - I have no idea what this movie is about, but if it’s about people like you and me it is probably really fucking boring.  

Movies I Watched This Week
Drillbit Taylor 6/10
Date Night 6/10

Song of the Week

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  1. Ryan Reynolds is also playing Chuckie in the live action Child's Play reboot.


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