Untertainment Weakly (7-6-12)

By Jake

Andy Griffith would rather be dead than sit through another “fucking fireworks display.”

There’s a “Fraggle Rock” spin-off called “The Doozers” in the works.  The Doozers are pretty awesome, so this could be cool.

Tina Fey raps on the new Childish Gambino mixtape.

Jena Malone has joined “Catching Fire,” the sequel to “The Hunger Games.”

“Eastbound and Down” is returning for a fourth season.

Anderson Cooper is gay.

Aaron Sorkin’s “The Newsroom” has been renewed for a second season after only two epsiodes airing.

“Chaz” Bono will guest star on an episode of “Degrassi.”

Matthew Perry Watch

The 2008 Matthew Perry classic “Birds of America” is streaming on Netflix.  It is the only Matthew Perry movie streaming on Netflix.  Call Netflix and demand more Matthew Perry films.

Movies Out This Weekend
The Amazing Spider-Man - Finally, they decided to make a Spider-Man movie.  The guy who made “500 Days of Summer” directed this movie.  If anything about this sounds good to you, then more power to you.  Sounds like bullshit to me.

Katy Perry: Part of Me - This movie has got to be amazingly terrible.  Katy Perry is good to look at and terrible to listen to--just like all women!  Just kidding.  She is great like all women.  Where is the Susan Boyle 3D movie?

Savage - New Oliver Stone movie with mediocre reviews, same as the old Olver Stone movie with mediocre reviews.  The trailer for this looked pretty decent, but you can’t argue with professional movie reviewers.

Movies I Watched This Week
Ted 6.5/10
Year One 1.5/10
Hot Rod 8/10
Get Him to the Greek 7.5/10

Song of the Week

One of the best rap songs.


  1. BIGGEST HEADLINE YOU FORGOT THIS WEEK: Tamera Mowry says "I Do" with Fox News reporter

  2. SECOND BIGGEST HEADLINE: Poison gas unleashed in New York Subway, Millions Killed Including Jennifer Anniston


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