Untertainment Weakly (8-24-12)

By Jake

“Arrested Development” is set to come to Netflix in spring.

Chuck Norris will not be in “Expendables 3.”

This is the last season of “The Office.”

Disney is looking to remake “The Rocketeer.”  Blast off?

John Travolta is up for the remake of “The Toxic Avenger.”

NBC has ordered 22 episodes of Michael J. Fox’s pilot-less sitcom.

ABC Family has ordered more episodes of “Bunheads.”  Hooray!

Matthew Perry Watch

Bob Costas will guest star on an episode of “Go On.”

Movies Out This Weekend
Hit and Run - Have you seen the trailer for this piece of shit?  Dax Sheppard and a bunch of other assholes star in this movie about ex-cons or cars or running or fighting.  Who knows.  It looks terrible and if you go to see it and tell me you did I will punch you in the ass.

Bicycle: The Movie - Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars as Franklin Bicycle, a professional bicycle messenger with a terrible secret--he also rides a motorcycle.  A group of bicycle activists try to catch Franklin, the world’s most famous bike messenger, riding his motorcycle.  The tension mounts as he hits evasive wheelies.

Movies I Watched This Week
All American Orgy 4/10 An indie-style “comedy” about three couples having an orgy.  Features a bizarre rape scene which has a button.
Singin’ in the Rain 9/10 I got to see this in the theater and pay $11.50 for a movie I could have bought for the same price.  

Song of the Week



  2. Matthew Perry makes smoking look cool and smoking makes Matthew Perry look sexy.


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