Untertainment Weakly (8/17/12)

By Jake

Abby Elliot will not be returning to “Saturday Night Live.”

WWE and Warner Bros are teaming up to make a “Scooby Doo” film based around a ghostly bear threatening to ruin WrestleMania.  Seriously, this is a thing that is really being made.

John Slattery has joined the cast of “Arrested Development.”

Mayim Bialik suffered serious injuries after a car accident.  She shouldn’t have let Six drive her car drunk.

Lucy Lawless is guesting on the upcoming season of “Parks & Recreation.”

There’s a “Walking Dead” movie rumor going around.

Nicolas Cage is rumored to have already signed on for another sequel to “The Expendables.”

Miley Cyrus will guest on an upcoming episode of “2.5 Men.”

Matthew Perry Watch

NBC will rerun “Go On” on Tuesday after “America’s Got Talent.”  If you missed the original airing due to a death in the family, this is your chance to catch up.

Movies Out This Weekend
Expendables 2 - A bunch of elderly men fight for our freedom and blow stuff up.  The original “Expendables” movie was pretty fun, and this one should be, too.  It has JCVD and Chuck Norris in it.  Still, don’t you have something better to spend your money on?  Crack, maybe?

Paranorman - Way back when my wife and I saw “The Adventures of Tintin” in 3D, we saw a trailer for this film.  It looked really cool in 3D.  We will probably go see this.  Cartoons look really great in 3D and this has a pretty good Rotten Tomatoes score (85%).  

Movies I Watched This Week
The Campaign 5/10 An okay movie that mostly falls flat.
The Timer 8/10 A surprisingly good sci-fi romantic dramedy.
Morning Glory 6/10 Decent showbiz comedy.
Showgirls 7/10 Completely ridiculous and accidentally hilarious film.

Song of the Week
  Burn your cd"s at Time Queef by Tubetopp
This is a song from the band I'm in (currently called Time Queef) with Ali, Bub and Kaleena.  I sing on this song about wanting to burn your CDs.  I made the lyrics up on the fly, so that's why they are a bit wonky.

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  1. Sweet - I can watch the "Walking Dead" movie and not feel I missed out on the last 2 seasons I've missed out on.


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