Untertainment Weakly (11-02-12)

By Jake

G4 has canceled it’s long-running flagship show “Attack of the Show.” This was the launching pad for Olivia Munn.

The Dwight themed spin-off of “The Office” has not been picked up by NBC.  RIP “Shrute Farms.”

NBC is turning “Up All Night” into a multi-camera sitcom with a live studio audience.

USA has canceled “Fairly Legal” and “Common Law.”

“Community” is coming back in February, but will be back next week in Canada.  So torrent away.

Christopher Waltz will be playing the villain in the next Muppets film.

“Wilfred” was renewed by FX for a third season.

Disney bought Lucas Films and plans to make another shitty “Star Wars” movie.  Hooray!

Matthew Perry Watch
“Go On” is holding strong with 6 million viewers.  That’s twice as much as the average episode of “30 Rock.”

Movies I Watched This Week
Scre4m 3/10 Very terrible.  It is as bad as the title, which uses a number for a letter, would suggest.
Beatles Stories 7/10 Somewhat interesting documentary, but not completely necessary.  The most interesting story is about John Lennon supporting Ronald Reagan.
Safety Not Guaranteed 7/10 Pretty good flick.  Funny enough, but kind of indie.

Tweets of the Week

Song of the Week


  1. When is Glenn coming back to facebook?

  2. That should be the first comment on every post Glenn is mentioned in.

  3. lol. "Anonymous" is really Glenn wondering when he should come back to FB.

  4. Everyone brace yourself for this SHOCKING truth: I exist outside of Facebook. I live my normal, pathetic life and communicate with several friends on a daily basis without the use of Mark Zuckerstein's evil and zeitgeist-changing social networking tool.

  5. Just because I employ limited means of electronic communications does not mean I didn't think about you everyday. I don't like the formality of talking on the phone or email, I don't text because I'm terrible at T9, I tried using Twitter but I think it only went to my Facebook, and I got on gchat at least a dozen times with the sole purpose of catching you on there to chat, unsuccessfully. FB allows an ongoing informal conversation with latitude for substance and jest in a way that is more closely analogous to our dearly missed in-person communications than any other electronic medium. I'm extremely happy to see you back. Now to get you to visit Chicago or me a cheap flight to Miami (I have been looking)


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