Untertainment Weakly (11-16-12)

By Jake

Jessica Lange will return to “American Horror Story,” which has been renewed for a third season.

The Octomom was accused of being an octopus.

Alexander Skarsgard is playing Tarzan in some bullshit movie.

Elizabeth Banks had a second baby via surrogate.  This is just an excuse to post a picture of her.

The puppeteer of Elmo was accused of having sex with a child, but then unaccused of it.

Louis C.K.’s next stand-up special will air on HBO.

There will not be a “Friends” movie, thankfully.  Who would want to see that?

Shirley Jones has joined the cast of “Cougar Town.”

A sequel to “Hotel Transylvania” is coming in 2015.

“Girls” has been renewed for a third season before the second season even debuts.

Blind Item
A certain TV star was seen at a restaurant in LA reading an old issue of "Newsweek" and became so enraged at President Obama that he yelled at his black waiter.  Shame on you!

Matthew Perry Watch
Matty will return in 2013 to “The Good Wife.” Hardest working man in show business!

Movies I Watched This Week
The Amazing Spider-Man 6.5/10 Not as awful as I was expecting, but the first hour of the movie was pretty much the same as the first “Spider-Man” movie with more skateboarding.
Moonrise Kingdom 9.5/10 A really great movie with a crazy cast.  The two teens that star in the movie are fantastic.

Song of the Week


  1. I bet the angry patron was Paris Hilton. She won't even buy a black chihuahua!

  2. Lol @ Octomom! I love that sweater, Elizabeth Banks!!


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