Untertainment Weakly (11-9-12)

By Jake

Disney is producing a sequel to the classic show “Boy Meets World” called “Girl Meets World” about Cory and Topanga’s daughter.

The writer of “Toy Story 3” is rumored to pen “Star Wars 7.”

The Rock is playing Hercules in a new stupid movie.

Lark Vorhees denies having mental health issues.

Joe Biden will guest star on an upcoming episode of “Parks and Recreation.”

Mark Wahlberg is rumored for the next shitty “Transformers” movie.

Paul Thomas Anderson wants to make a comedy.

Another “NCIS” spinoff.  Eat some cum, CBS.

Warner Bros. are considering making a “Casablanca” sequel.  Better than a remake, I guess.

NBC ordered five more scripts to the best show on TV, “Whitney.”

Matthew Perry Watch
Did everybody watch Matthew Perry’s guest spot on this week’s “The Good Wife”?

Movies I Watched This Week
None :(

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