Scam Bait - The Da Vinci Scam

By Bub

From: Barrister Mark Ferguson
Subject: Your prompt response is highly imperative.
To: Bub
Date: Saturday, April 13, 2013, 1:20 PM

From : Barrister Mark Ferguson
Chambers & Advocates
Address: 60 Bayswater Road
London W2 3PS , United Kingdom
Tel: +44-7011-197-003
Fax: +44-8704-460-634

Good day.
I am sorry for contacting you through this medium without a previous notice;
I had to use email because it is an official and more confidential way of
making contact with people around the world. My names are Mark Ferguson a
fifty three (53) years old Attorney in practice here in London. I had a
client by name Michelangelo Manini who is an Italian and producer of
electronic gates based in Italy who died on March 17 2012 at the age of
50.Prior to the Death of my Late Client, He secured a contract of
22,500,000.00 million Pounds from the British Airways, following which he
received a 30% mobilization fee of 6,750,000.00 Million Pounds and
successfully executed the contract, but the balance of 15,750,000.00 Million
Pounds contract payment was in the Process of being transferred into My Late
Client's Account with BARCLAY`S BANK London which he submitted to the British
Airways before he lost his life in the incidence.

Just one weeks after this sudden Death, The British Airways effected the
transfer of the balance of his Contract Funds into the Account that My Late
Client has on his file with them. As one of his personal attorney here in
London United Kingdom after his death I have been officially notified and
instructed by the BARCLAY`S BANK London where the money is currently
deposited that I should provide and forward the particulars of Mr.
Michelangelo next of kin so that the Funds in his Account can be remitted
into his Next of Kin's Account in accordance with British Laws. However, as
the personal attorney and close confident of late Mr. Michelangelo, I want
you to know that my late Client died interstate, He died without leaving a
next of kin for this particular will stated, we are to transfer this funds
from the BARCLAY`S BANK London as soon as possible before Andrea Moschetti,
the lawyer appointed by the Catholic Church could discover about this will.

Therefore I am seeking for your consent to present you as the deceased next
of kin and subsequently the beneficiary of the fund so that the proceed of
this account valued at 15,750,000.00 Million Pounds can be paid to you for
subsequent disbursement between you and I.If you can cooperate with me and
receive these funds as next of kin to late Mr. Michelangelo Manini, Confirm
your interest by contacting me through my confidential email above. I can
assure you that the deal is 100% risk free because I am in possession of the
deceased personal file which contains all information which I shall use to
prove your relationship with the deceased therefore the money will be paid
into the account of whomever I present as LATE Mr. Michelangelo Manini Next
of kin with proofs that I will present to the bank when needed, we would both
share in ratio of 60% for me and 40% for you, am giving you 40% from the
total funds due to it matter of urgency.

When I receive a positive response and after proper discussion with you, I
will furnish you all relevant information that will facilitate the release of
the Funds to you. An application will have to be filed to the bank for
processing of the release of the funds into your nominated Bank account
anywhere in the world. please kindly send to me your full name,address,
mobile number and fax for easy communication and do reply me through my
private email address:( more
information's. Hope to hear from you through the above e-mail address.Your
prompt response is highly imperative.

Yours truly,
Barrister Mark Ferguson


Re: Your prompt response is highly imperative.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013 5:51 PM
From: Bub
Good Day to you Barrister,

Thank you for explaining what email is.  You are correct in assuming that I would normally be frightened or offended by contact through such an exotic and unfamiliar communication medium without prior notification.  This case is not an exception.  I am both frightened and offended.  But your misfeasance is mitigated by your apology, which I humbly accept.

Out of your two personalities, Mark, I presume you are writing me as Ferguson the London Attorney of indeterminate age since you are writing me as the legal representative of Michelangelo Manini, an electronic gate producer of indeterminate nationality.  If I understand correctly, your client - Mr. Manini - died prematurely in a mysterious incident for which the only information we have regarding the circumstances was that his death occurred ‘interstate’, which I assume means he was killed on the exact political boundary between two independent sovereign states.  I can see where this might pose more than a few legal quandaries – which nation gets to claim which personal effects, body parts, etc.  I would like to absolve myself by saying that I am no legal scholar, but unfortunately I am.

The general principle of international law dealing with such boundary disputes is to transfer ownership of the remains to an independent agent agreed upon by both states; the agent, vested with fiduciary duty, sells the corpse whole, and the belongings separately, at fair market value; and then disburses the proceeds equally between the two states - unless one state is a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the other state is a non- member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, then the non-member state shall receive one quarter of the proceeds and the member-state receives the remainder.   It is not an entirely equitable system, but it is an improvement over former, more violent, modes of conflict resolution.  World War One, for instance, was triggered after a wealthy love-potion heiress wearing a chinchilla fur coat and diamond necklace valued at $400,000 overdosed on Coca Cola while straddling the Austro-Hungarian/Montenegrin border.  It was the bloodiest, most barbaric war the world had ever seen – all for a coat and a piece of jewelry.  So, while it may seem ghoulish to dispose of your client’s corpse in such a transactional fashion, I assure you that it is far less grizzly than the alternatives.

Now, to the matter of your client dying without a next of kin, leaving Mr. Manini’s property and assets intestate:   you are proposing that I fraudulently pose as Mr. Manini’s next of kin, ostensibly for the purpose of acquiring the sizeable sum owed to Mr. Manini’s estate due to his electronic-gate selling acumen; but with an underlying, unexplained, motivation to deceive the Catholic Church.  You further claim to have already obtained the forged documents demonstrating my familial relationship to Mr. Manini, and for my efforts - which you claim are 100% risk free - you are offering me the compensation of forty percent of 15,750,000 million pounds, which by my calculation is some US $9.6 trillion.  That is roughly three times the size of the GDP of the United Kingdom!

Barrister Ferguson, you had me at ‘fraudulently’.  You English certainly do things differently, but I admit that I like your style. I am generally receptive to any solicitations to commit fraud, but you have sweetened the pot with a literally incredible amount of money as a reward, and a chance to embark on a DaVinci Code-esque escapade which will undoubtedly lead to further adventures cracking the carapace off of the Catholic Church’s gilded shell until its rotted turtle-meat interior is exposed to all the world.  If ever I had any doubts about my place in the universe or my purpose in life, they have surely been resolved by this request.  It is clear to me now, that I was put here on Earth to be the false relative of a deceased electronic-gate magnate in order to claim my place as the world’s second richest man (behind only the eminent Barrister Ferguson); and to single-handedly bring down the Catholic Church - ushering in the return of Christ to reign over His True Kingdom, on Earth, for 1,000 years.

As for my contact information, I’ll save you the trouble - I have your address, and I will book a flight to London directly.  I will leave tonight if possible.   It will of course max out my credit card, but thankfully money is no longer a concern.  Please prepare a bed and draw a bath for my arrival.  I love you.

God Bless You Dear Barrister,


  1. Very funny! I hope that you share the wealth and we can finally have a OYIT music festival headlined by OYIT Person of the Year, Katy Perry.

  2. Just be careful, what with all the airport scams going around. Make sure that ticket is VALID!
    But please....not Katy Perry. I'll totally go with Miley Cyrus but not Katy Perry. Please...I am seriously begging you guys. What about 3-1-1? It's not like they're doing shit these days.

  3. lol, if i remember correctly this is not the first spam bait where the sender first apologizes for contacting you via email without contacting you "previously"

    1. well, well, well, I received the exact same email just in the last couple of days, obviously they don't give up


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