More Good News!

By Glenn and Jake

A lot of awful things happened in 2012 and even worse things are underway so far in 2013.  We hear about it this all the time from the Innuit-run media, but don't you wish you could hear some of the good news for once?  Last year we compiled some good news headlines that made our readers smile, if only for one day.  Fighting the old adage "if it bleeds, it leads," please read the following recent good news headlines.  They will certainly make you smile and maybe do a spit-up if you're an 8 month old baby.

Online Dating Still The Best Way To Meet People

Millions of Bangladeshis Survive Factory Work Every Day

Your Parents Remain Alive

Death Rate From Time Traveling Murderers Still Zero

Cat Videos Now More Popular Than All News Sites Combined

Jennifer Lawrence Making Money, Movies

Real Dolls Coming To Life, Falling In Love With 'Owners'

Former Vice President Dick Cheney Dies

Courtney Love Admits Killing Husband, John Candy in 1994

Rob Van Dam (RVD) Returns to WWE

Racist Film "The Lone Ranger" a Box Office Bomb

There is a Chance the NSA is not Spying on You

Anything Can be Made into a Bong

Doctors Find Drugs to be Fun

George Zimmerman Acquitted

New Facebook Changes Described As "Not That Bad"

Vegetables: Good for You, Delicious

Most People Still Capable Of At Least Loving Animals

New Rumors of Oasis Reunion

One Year in Texas to Celebrate Five Year Anniversary This January


  1. FINALLY! Some sanity in this crazy ride we

  2. This is really funny!@&. I forgot this was posted!! You've got to share that stuff & then yell at me if I don't comment!!!


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