Haikus [1-25-09]

By Jake

Once again I'm here
To deliver you haikus
About this week's posts

I am out of town
So if I miss a story
I appologize

Glenn wishes us a
Good morning everyday but
One day it was Jake

CAPTCHA images
Making it hard to sign-up
For e-mail and such

Secret shopper Bub
So many types of pet food
Free Carwash, no car

Josh steals some 40s
Hangs out with a man, Tyrell
And his old Lady

Antarctic Joke File
A South Pole TV network
Called the Ice Network

Web banners are new
Some are liked and some are not
Tina is nineteen

Google search results
NPR closing Gitmo
Terrorists are free

Coffee is bitter
Sometimes coffee is not right
Some coffee is good

Moses has twitter
Was he the first tar baby?
Some say yes, some no

Some Firefox add-ons
Much controversy is caused
Was it worth it? No.

Grave Digger crushes
Is Big Foot is a pussy?
Do you have to ask?

Facebook gay baiting
Perhaps revealing too much
Clean the gay off Bub

The new president
It is Obama you fool
Bush is gone...for now

Andre 3000
Orders way too much water
It is pretty cool

Don't frown when it's brown
You will look like a dumb clown
If white, take a bite

Mailbag starts anew
Real questions only this time
We answered them well

You billed me poorly
Wife is so mad now

An ipod for mom
She is technology dumb
What is she to do?

Is Olive Garden
Panera? I would think now
Shakespeare was right there

Timothy Geithner
"Chinese currency has been

Lou Gherig punches
So Pappy gets his gun out
World's greatest Grandpa

Scott is addicted
To Chocolate, but that is fine
He is not Cathy

I hate Tim McGraw
His song comes on my ipod
I love Tim McGraw

Tell Aron Ralston
About your vacation please
No body parts lost

Ryder Stronge milkshaked
Rick Rutherford lives on farm
Gun shots, cows did drop

Rick Rutherford's dream
Gasping for air, he wakes up
Shoots cans for fun

Yes, Hot Rod waxes
Poetic about honey
Sticky like your love


  1. I'm glad that this is a labor of love, because the lack of comments would make other people feel like they shouldn't even bother.


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