Boy Meets World --Too Hot for TV

By Gary

[SCENE – School Cafeteria. Cory walks to up a vending machine to get a snack, while Feeny retrieves coffee from the machine next to it.]

Cory: Good morning, Mr. Feeny. (looks ashamed and stares at his shoes)

Feeny: Morning, Mr. Matthews. (Cory begins to shake violently) No need to be afraid? Doesn’t your mother feed you a fuckin' breakfast?

Cory: ummm, she does. But I gotta get the taste of shredded wheat out of my mouth. (Opens candy bar and quickly eats the entire thing)

Feeny: Y’know, if you need can always ask me. (Sips coffee)

Cory: Oh, thanks, Mr. Feeny.

Feeny: There’s no gravity in space, Mr. Matthews, therefore astronauts suck up. Learn from them. (Walks away upset)

(Cory walks over to a table where his friends, Shawn and Nicolas, are sitting and joins them)

Shawn: He’s gonna make your whole life miserable.

Cory: (Shrugs) I’m gonna be miserable anyhow, I’m taking him with me. 3-17 is the big sorry day. (looks sexually aroused)

Shawn: Hey, who’s that? (Looks to a table where Feeny is accosting a younger, female teacher)

Nicolas: I think she’s in danger.

Shawn: She must be in danger, she’s talking to Feeny.

Nicolas: (To Cory) Okay, so how late did you stay up last night?

Cory: Don't' remember...

Nicolas: Monologue, first guest.

Shawn: Monologue, first guest, bad sketch.

Cory: Cried, attempted suicide, failed like everything I do, went to sleep.

Nicolas: Monologue, first guest, bad sketch, funny zoo animal… Dane Cook!

Cory: Fuck No!

Shawn: Dane Cook! (Nicolas nods)

(Bell rings)

Shawn: (Stands with friends) And there’s the bell.

Cory: Four hours till lunch. Hopefully, I make it..this whole bottle of sleeping pills is very tempting (They all walk off)

...To be continued


  1. I'm going to submit this to the Boy Meets World fan fiction online zine that I read. Most of the stuff I submit involves Corey and Shawn having sex, but they publish non-erotica too.

  2. Glenn's BMW fanfic makes me very uncomfortable, but also very aroused.

  3. it gets erotic give it time

    give it time

  4. Why wasn't there more sexual tension between Feeny and Cory?

  5. You said that about the original series, too.

  6. Thank you Nicholas!!! This was great. I want more Feeny-astronaut non sequiturs.

  7. I don't know how I feel about this. My body and my brain are telling me several different things.


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