Life with Mikey [3-4-09]

By Mikey

Hi, I'm grateful for all the positive comments I've been getting for my posts. Thank you very much. You guys are why I write this article every week, and why I will keep writing it. Please enjoy.

  • Frosted Flakes may be the most important cereal.

  • If I had a new pair of Ray-bans I'd be in heaven.

  • Pouring a hot cup of coffee on your lap seems like a pretty poor way to become a millionaire. I'd prefer working hard and being determined.

  • My favorite movie: The Lion King. End of story.

  • I know that the Monkees didn't originally write their own music, but that doesn't stop me from singing "The Last Train to Clarksville" every single time I do karaoke.

  • Last night I was lying in bed and I heard the floor creak and my bedroom's doorknob was jiggling. I thought it was a ghost. It was just my wife. I had accidentally locked her out. It was still really scary.

  • I don't put a bunch of fancy stuff in my burritos: beans, rice and cheese are a proven formula. Why mess with success?

  • They always tell you to eat your green vegetable, but I'd rather eat a cheeseburger.

  • MC Hammer's career was very inspirational in the early 90s. I wish that guy would make another album.

  • Why would anybody have a ferret as a pet? I just don't get it.

  • Sometimes I understand how Ziggy feels.

  • Sword swallowers are immensely talented human beings and we should pay our respects to them.

  • My economic stimulus package consists mostly of coupons to Arby's and Bob's Big Boy.

  • Third Eye Blind's Semi-Charmed Life might be the most underrated pop tune of the 90s. I still listen to it and sing the "doot doot doot doot" chorus.

  • I'm glad that Prince stopped being that symbol. That was just way too confusing for most of us.

  • The Pink Panther 2 starring Steve Martin really is better than the original.

  • Paris Hilton might be a bit airheaded, but she is a really good singer and very attractive.

  • I'm not interested in the books by Charles Dawkins, Sam Harris and such that talk about how God isn't real. Let's just say if he wasn't real, I wouldn't go to church every Sunday.

  • Give me a toy train set and I won't bother you for days.


  1. You could never understand how Ziggy feels.

  2. "Pouring a hot cup of coffee on your lap seems like a pretty poor way to become a millionaire. I'd prefer working hard and being determined."

    NO! That million dollar settlement was a class action that was divided amongst the plaintiffs who received severe, third-degree burns due to McDonald's policy of keeping the coffee 20 degrees hotter than the maximum recommended level. The money then went to pay the victims health care costs, not line their pockets!

  3. I can't believe you're arguing with Mikey!

  4. Another memorable article Mikey and due to the enormous popularity of this site because of Mikey I would like to see a Merchandise section with buttons that have Mikey quotes on them. Lots of Mikey quote buttons! I would also like to see GMFOYIT underwear with pictures of Glenn, Bub, and Jake on the ass.

  5. I forgot to mention this website popped when I typed in the url for OYIT before posting my previous comment something to check out.

  6. Ha, Vin Vin's blog is superb. It's basically OYIT, but all the articles are questioning whether Kathy Griffin really said things.

  7. I wish someone would seriously just CALL OUT this SOB!

  8. Re the "cup of coffee" case --

  9. HA! This is the most controversial Mikey yet. It's way more controversial than the one where he said he loved meatloaf.

  10. you all should come out with 'life with mikey' t-shirts ;)

  11. I would wear a t-sihrt with "I understand How Ziggy Feels" on it. And yes, I am reading Mikey again.

  12. I commented on this article so many times, but it is a really good one.

    "Pouring a hot cup of coffee on your lap seems like a pretty poor way to become a millionaire. I'd prefer working hard and being determined."

    is one of the best musings Mikey has ever mused.

  13. Yea it was great. And I like how Mikey's benign conservatism caused so much controversy.

  14. Paris Hilton can hold a tune but her voice has no depth. I guess that's what the kids like these days. And she looks like a Barbie. I like my women w/ a little meat on 'em.

  15. Mikey are you anonymously commenting on your own posts again!!


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