By Glenn

Good morning. I hope everyone enjoyed our all-female/TGIF good morning posts from last week. Our traffic went THROUGH THE ROOF because people all over the internet search for things like "good morning texas," "female writers" and "jailbait teens." Today's article won't talk about any of those things and will be overly masculine to make up for what you saw last week.

[I've taken fifteen steroid injections in preparation for this.]

Today's Weather

If you're like me, you don't know anything about gardens, flowers or plants but usually wish that you did. This is one of those few times where I'm glad I don't have to worry about my plants because as you can see from that weather picture, we are losing our greens to unseasonable frost. It's mid April right now but places in Missouri are getting as cold as negative forty degrees, which kills plants that have started to grow in the warmer temperatures of March. The solution? Earth Hour. Or just putting a tarp (not a TARP) over your plants when the frost comes.

Today's Developmental Psychology Term
Today's term is "intrinsic motivation." This is when you learn to behave in a certain manner not because it will impress a cheerleader but because it will give you some sort of internal satisfaction just in your own mind. For example, I listen to podcasts a lot because they make me feel technologically adept and smart. This behavior is not based on any rewards or sanctions that someone will give me. In fact no one cares about my podcasts no matter how much I try to make them.

Today's Quote
The most important thing in conversation is hearing what isn't being said.
-- R. Lanz
This is true of OYIT articles as well. It isn't so much what we're saying but what we aren't. Hopefully you can see some of that in this very article or in your own conversations today.

Today's Prediction
People will start to sanction my passion for podcasts in increasingly greater ways so that I become extrinsically motivated to use or not use them. The upcoming frost will kill every plant in the United States except for marijuana. This will force our government to FINALLY legalize it, which they should have done already. People reading that previous prediction will think they're seeing what ISN'T being said, but will be incorrect in their conclusion.


  1. i thought the frosted plant was marijuana before i read the explanation. sorry bout' your bad luck missouri.

  2. You really do talk about podcasts a lot. This is a good gm post, even if you only talk about podcasts.

  3. Podcasts are the solution to the problem of not learning things when you could be. In transit, in queue, doing household chores, running errands. Podcasts are the communications medium envisioned by Nietzsche's Ubermensch. They will turn us into an army of unrepentant killers with vast depths of knowledge of the personal interview stylings of Terry Gross and anecdotes of American existence that have narrative and reflective clarity.

  4. i'm going to "not think everything is about myself," which is hard cos i'm a "female," and assume that the jailbait teen referred to in the first paragraph is mikey.

    this is short and sweet. i love what you said with what you didn't say.

  5. i was just reading something for school, which led me to something else, which led me to something else, which led me to this quote, which i'm very freaked out about cos WHAT ARE THE ODDS?

    "For the most part I stayed in bed, watching YouTube videos on my laptop. I’ve been watching whole episodes of Boy Meets World. Now, this may be the lack of sleep talking, but I think that show is a really good show. Yeah, I know; it’s a TGIF sitcom. It’s Disney-licious and all that crap, but I really like it. And not just because Danielle Fishel has become a hotty. In most of the episodes, she’s jailbait, but still, an entertaining show it is."

  6. I bet Glenn wrote that last Thursday when he was on his laptop watching Youtube videos of Boy Meets World while I was writing my TGIF article.

  7. i never listen to what you do say -- always to what you don't say. when you say "this isn't working out" i hear "let me take you on an all-expenses paid trip to illinois!"

  8. Whoa, there's a lot to deal with here.

    Bub, you put your finger on podcasts. I might be trying too hard to listen to them WHILE I read blogs since they are more for those mundane times of daily life where one might be trapped with his/her own thoughts instead of the Slate Culture Gabfest.

    Maddie, thank you for not thinking of yourself as a female or jailbait and thank you for finding my quote. That's from my blog in 2002 right?

    Ingrid, the window for that trip has closed, but as the other quote of the day says, “When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.”


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