Fish Pun of the Week [5/1/09]

By Gary and Jake

While not everybody may be a fan of fish puns, the other fish puns article happens to be the second most read post in OYIT history. What is even more surprising is how hard it is for Glenn to come up with any. He and I have flirted with making a fish puns article for over a month, but we usually just ended up flirting with each other instead. So try to enjoy these fish puns written by Gary and I.

Why did the fishermen get laid off from his mechanics job?
He could only tuna car!

Why was the fish scared to escape the boat after the fishermen got done cleaning him?
He didn't have the guts to live anymore!

Why did the fish call in sick to work?
Because he felt crappie.

Why did the fish have trouble swimming?
It had dolphins.


  1. I apologize for the part I played in this article. At least it was short.

  2. Okay I've tried really hard to think of a fish pun. I called my parents, my priest and everyone else I knew who has ever been fishing or ever said anything clever. Here is what I thought of all by myself:

    You know who I want to see in concert? The Eels.

  3. this is beautiful, guys. simply beautiful.

  4. Wow! This was almost as painful as when my Sturgeon left his Scallop Perch-ed on my Ling after surgery


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