Another Morning Stoner

By Jake

It's Tuesday and it's August. I don't know about you, but the weather has been unreasonably nice this year. The thermometer has barely gone past 85 more than a handful of times and it was 75 almost all day yesterday. I'm expecting 100 degree weather throughout September and October, two weeks of fall and then 100 years of snow and ice.

This is from RAW last night. Jeremy Piven and his Asian friend Dr. Ken were the guest hosts and when Dr. Ken tried to get in John Cena's face he got slammed on his head. It looks like it hurt a lot, but there is no way that it was more painful than watching him ruin RAW all night. I say that this is karma.

And You Will Know US By The Trail of Dead are a band with an impossibly long name and a Deftones-like ability to have only one album worth listening to. Source Tags and Codes is an undeniably great album. This is from that album, and since they are on Geffen/Interscope so I can't embed it. At least they're not on Warner Bros., who doesn't even allow their videos to be put on Youtube. Warner doesn't understand or want free promotion. They'd just as soon have nobody see their music videos that they spend money on. MTV is too busy showing Hustle and Flow to play music videos. Not that I don't like Hustle and Flow (or that I'd actually watch MTV for any reason), I'm just saying.

Hope you have a great day.


  1. jeremy piven as in the dude from entourage? is that guy in the vid the guy from knocked up/ step brothers/ role models/ the hangover? RAW still gets (or ever got)celebirty hosts?!

  2. that is that Dr. Ken.

  3. Yeah that's the guy from those movies and Jeremy Piven is that guy from PCU and Ellen. RAW has had celebrity hosts for the last month or so. It's mostly really dumb, but Shaq was good. Next week's host is Sgt. Slaughter, which is really the loosest definition of "celebrity."

  4. Sgt. Slaughter is in 500 Days of Summer, so I think he can be counted as a celebrity.

  5. i hope shaq was as eloquentas he comes across in his tweets.


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