Life With Mikey [10-26-09]

By Mikey

Hollywood should make a movie about that lady astronaut that wore a diaper and wanted to kill that other astronaut. I think America is ready for a movie like that.

I've put more quarters into Centipede than I have into Coke machines.

Throwing knives is dangerous.

Chocolate milk is like putting a wig and dress on a monkey.

I never see people wearing smoking jackets anymore. Maybe people just aren't smoking as much these days.

Ricky Martin was cool back in the late 90s, but then again so was Lou Bega.

Tai Chi seems so lazy to me.

If it wasn't for the internet site Wikipedia I wouldn't know even a quarter of what I know about Richard Jewel.

There should be a movie about the Urkelbot.

Sugar cookies are my least favorite, especially when the sugar is green.

The thing I like most about bloopers is seeing the actors laugh. When they laugh, so do I - that must be why they say "laughter is contagious."

What's the deal with all of these ringtones? Is there something wrong with an old fashioned ring?

I haven't been to a WNBA game in quite a while.

When was the last time you had Shocktarts?

People on the internet have bad attitudes a lot of the time.


  1. Mikey, you should write a special "there oughta be a law" post. I would like to hear your opinion on legal matters.

    Also, the astronaut movie would go better on Maury, and the chocolate milk/monkey statement strikes me as racist.

  2. law and order did an episode based on the astronaut diaper lady. you should look up it's next showing in TV guide magazine and have your wife tape it on a vhs in case you have rake leaves during it or something.


  4. Tai Chi is exercise stupid ass!


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