Life With Mikey [11-02-09]

By Mikey

Seems like people don't care much about Ferris wheels anymore. When I was a kid everybody seemed to love them and couldn't get enough of them. Now all anybody cares about is Nintendo DS and texting.

Why in the world would anyone eat vegetarian Chili? Its like a chocolate-less Snickers!

My wife subscribes to Cat Fancy magazine.

Lemonheads should make lemonade. It would be a perfect fit and a perfect beverage.

Those Saw movies seem pretty bad, but I'll save my criticism until after I watch them.

My cat, Arliss, doesn't like the computer mouse as much as he likes a real mouse. My son still has nightmares about the time Arliss caught a mouse, and frankly, so do I.

I can't find Coke II in stores any more.

Kevin James and Drew Carey should make a movie together.

I'm not a big fan of animal crackers.

I like to roll up chocolate pudding inside a Fruit Roll-up. It's like a burrito that doesn't give me severe gas.

If Under Siege was on a boat and Under Siege 2 was on a train, I wonder where Under Siege 3 will be.

I know polygamy is part of being Mormon, but I can't see why anyone would want to have a bunch wives. Although it does give them a chance to use "Take My Wife...Please!" a lot more than I do, which is still fairly often.

Every month when I pay my home phone line bill I think "Do I still need this?" So far the answer is yes.

I can never seem to pick out a movie to watch. I always end up watching something that my wife picks out like Blonde and Blonder.

How does everybody know all the words to the songs in musicals?

It's weird to think that 10 years ago Jerry Springer was the biggest celebrity. It seems like nobody is talking about him anymore, at least not in any of the magazines I see at the supermarket.


  1. Under Siege 3 would be on a plane.

  2. mikey, what kevin james show do you like better ,king of queens or everybody loves raymond?

  3. Under Siege 3 will be on a gondola.

    Another great post, Mikey! And thank your wife for subscribing to Cat Fancy. It's women like her who will save journalism and print media through niche marketing!


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