Life With Mikey [12-21-09]

By Mikey 

I was driving to work on Friday and decided to get some Hardee's for breakfast. I get the classic bacon, egg and cheese biscuit which melts in your mouth (you still have to chew it, though). I could eat about 30 of those things if I wasn't so afraid of being judged. Instead I just ordered four.

I haven't watched a football game in over seven years. I'm just not that interested I guess.

Guess Who is a good game, but it makes you too aware of the way people look.

I don't play slots. If I put a quarter into a machine I better get a gumball.

Subway is the worst restaurant.

Why does everybody hate cleaning windows so much?

Salad? Get real, buddy!

I do not own an umbrella.

I would like to drive a monster truck just one time. Not on the street or anything, but I would like to crush a car.

Toblerone sounds like something too fancy for me to eat, even if it is just a chocolate bar.

You don't see a lot of cars exploding in movies anymore. It's all about spaceships these days.

I wonder where I can buy fake vomit?

Dogs have it made.

I wonder what The 'Noid is up to these days.

Do you think the Charleston in Charleston Chew is the same as the Charleston in the dance?

I wish I could pull of a doo-rag.


  1. Mikey the only way you can pull a dew rag off is when you dress up in black face for Halloween.

  2. I like your new logo, but your opinions on salad are far too controversial for my liking.

  3. Mikey, I'm going to go through every one of your posts and list every inconsistency since your onset. Be prepared.