Best Of... Our First Year of Being Hilarious

What's this, you say? A Saturday post?! Well, don't get used to it, but just for this special occasion celebrating our one year anniversary, I'm posting my "best of" today. It's a rather difficult thing to do at this juncture, and I want to make it clear that I tried for no repeats, but at the same time, I did not falsify my liking of any of these articles.

I said earlier in the week that I would go back through the entirety of OYIT and read every single article to decipher what I thought was best. I didn't. I did go all the way back to the beginning and attempt to read the majority of posts, however, and in doing so discovered some gems I hadn't even read the first time around. I'm not posting any of those, though, because they're new favorites, and this is about old favorites. And so it is done.

  • Bub's Public Joke File Vol. 2 By Bub

  • Favorite excerpt): "I went to the ‘12 items or less’ grocery line the other day. I had 13 items. I went up to the counter and the grocery clerk said I would have to go to a regular grocery line because I had too many items. I said, ‘What? Is this a racist grocery line?’ And the grocery clerk said, ‘Not officially’."

    Bub and Glenn have a way with humor that I'm always struggling to meet, and failling. Their social and political awareness mixed with a wit and timing no mortal (wo)man is born with are so utterly unparalleled that it is my prediction that by 2012 one or both will be commissioned to speak at the White House Correspondence Dinner and be met with gazes of confusion and utter surprise by onlookers who had instead expected Dane Cook to emerge on stage to riddle the crowd with jokes on "B&Es" accompanied by Carrot Top. I wish them the best of luck.

    But more to the point of Bub and his joke files. I have the unfair advantage of having Bub stuck permanently in my family forever. I have often said, when you're stuck with five siblings you can barely relate to, see to it that one of them marries Bub. He will immediately make any family gathering worth attending. While I could muse over many of his writings, I have to say I absolutely love his joke files. So much so, (that aside from a forceful viewing of Love & Death and Harold and Maude) I have demanded that potential friend candidates read at least one of these files and let me know whether or not they were amused. If they weren't, it's good riddance almost-friend; may your dull sense of humor cause you to continually visit any number of LOLcatz webpages.

  • Life With Mikey [03-30-09] By Mikey

  • Favorite excerpt: "They say the good die young. Somebody explain Don Rickles to me then, that man is a saint."

    While Mikey isn't known around the blogisphere for his profound insights or vast intelligence, Life With Mikey is still one of my favorite reoccurring articles on OYIT. When I was going through reading past articles, I did make a point to stop on almost everything Mikey did, and this particular lined called me to "laugh out loud," making my co-workers nervous and its pick a must.

  • Good Morning From OYIT [Ingrid Edition]By Ingrid

  • Favorite excerpts:"...but how about this crazy Midwest weather, huh? One day it is sleeting on me as I miserably ride my bicycle home from work; the next day I am walking around in nothing but a tank top and the sequined short shorts that are normally reserved for hot July afternoons or dancing at gay bars." AND "Why would a Loving God allow us to have allergies and winter weather at the same time?"

    This article needs to be mentioned for so many reasons, but I've been told my writing is often verbose so I'll try to cut it down. First of all, it's a GM post and those are often overlooked because we (try to) do five a week. Second, and so important it should have been reason one; it's Ingrid's first post on the site and the reason I've considered seeking a psuedo-lesbian relationship with her that we'll spend months explaining and justifying to our friends who find that kind of thing "an affront to the struggles of homosexuals." (Pfft.)

    Perhaps it's because she uses a photo from Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, or our mutual understanding that God doesn't just fail to work in mysterious ways, but that he fails to work at all, or perhaps it's because we have loved and lost the same man, but her addition to OYIT is all that kept me going throughout months of hardships and male-dominated posting.

  • Tuesday Debate: Which Monopoly Piece is the Best? By Jake and Ingrid

  • Favorite Excerpt: "The boot, on the other hand, can lackadaisically stroll around the board without a care in the world, except for landing on a space with a hotel. There are few negatives about the boot, but it might be harder to roll a double six since you would get tired walking 12 spaces, let alone a second roll of the dice. The battleship doesn't work because there's no water in Monopoly. The dog might get confused because dogs don't know how to count." (Jake)

    What Glenn and Bub have with politics, Jake has with pop culture and social commentary. In Debates, Overheard at the Mall, and Fake Movies I'm always amused by his large field of knowledge, his mild cynicism, plus a vocabulary that allows him to use "lackadaisically" properly in a sentence. I'm sometimes surprised he even lets me write for this site.

  • OYIT Crime Alert: Craigslist Killer By Glenn

  • Favorite excerpt: "In closing, do not get murdered and do not give your money to Jewish people."

    What to say about Glenn that I haven't already said or won't just show my complete and unrelenting devotion to his happiness? He makes me laugh, often. He made LOL a reality for me. And he's in a very cold place.

    That's the it! That's my "Best Of." It was a lovely year for us, and I certainly have a resolution or two for the coming SECOND year. First off, look for Hi Katy to make its comeback with volume II in the coming weeks. Second, I will try to write less so it's not extremely tiresome to read. This was my last shot at run-ons (I had planned on discussing at least two other articles). Thank you, and you're welcome.


    1. awww, katy!!!! the fact that you are the first one to list me in your article makes me want to make love to you, regardless of your gender!!! wats yr phone #?

      i can already tell you that my "best of 2010" post will include the line: "I yearn for Ingrid as a lover." i'm expecting this line will be repeated in several different people's posts throughout the year, of course.

    2. Every word of it true, Ingrid. Every word.

    3. katy--my advice doesn't hold a candle to your advice.

    4. Thanks Katy for the nice words. Don't over-sell the PJFs though, that joke WAS funny but many of them are borderline Mikeyisms without the character voice. WTG on giving Ingrid props finally, and I LOVE Jesus take the wheel references. I even make them while I am driving by myself (and with Iris, to which she perplexedly replies 'that's not Ms. Cheesus!'). I would love more OYIT Crime Alerts

    5. I completely forgot about that Craiglist article and think it is probably one of my weakest entries to the site (not counting my ten part series on Major Dad), but am still very flattered by Katy's fine words.


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