Hot Rod's Guide To: Polish Jokes

By Hot Rod 

How many Polish people did it take to screw in a lightbulb? A whole bunch because they never used a light bulb before!

What did the Polish grandmother say to the Polish grandchild? I can't hear you, I'm so old!!

What did the President of Poland do with his socks? He probably wore them on another part of his body other than his feet because Polish people have those wooden shoes!

Why is it that every time an airplane flies overhead Polish people are unimpressed? Because a lot of Polish people are pilots!

Why does the Polish girl have hair that's like one of those metal scrubbers? Because she's Polish!

Several Polish penguins showed up at the ice show. The ice show manager said, what do you think this is, the Arctic? They did.

How does a Polish person make a sandwich? Polish sausage!

What's the difference between a Polish person and another person. They're black!

What is the most favorite TV show in Poland? 'Lost' in Polish!

What is the capital of Poland? Germany, I think!

What language do they speak in Poland? They talk like that girl in the movie Nell because they live in the forest!

A nun, a bar-tender and a Polish person walk into the bar. The Polish person says to the nun and the bar-tender can I buy you a beer? "And the nun said NO! I'm a nun!" And the bar-tender said "NO! I work here!" The Polish person was just trying to be nice.

A Polish grandma went sky-diving. When she jumped out of the plane, she fell up!

How many nails does it take a Polish grandma to nail in a light bulb? A whole bunch because they don't have light bulbs in the forest and she wouldn't know when the bulb was done being nailed in!

A Polish nun walked into the bar and said, 'Who's Jesus?'

My friend was Polish, then he went to the dentist!

And that is how Polish-jokes are.


  1. This was so funny! Great jokes HR.

  2. You really Hot Rod-ed those jokes, Hot Rod.

  3. Hot Rod will get stabbed if he keeps going at this rate! I was busting a gut reading this though. That's what's going to make the betrayal even harder to swallow.

  4. and i thought i loved polish people before but man i did not!! now i REALLY love them - they're hilarious!

  5. that polish nun and i have at least one thing in common.


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