The World Post: World Gone Wrong

By Bub 

Goodluck Jonathan was sworn in as Nigeria’s president today by Nigerian Supreme Court Justice, Rick James.

Sandwiches were in the news again today. What were they up to this time? Murder.

The sole surviving Mumbai attacker was sentenced to death today. Seen here an Indian official holds up a promotional poster for a Bollywood musical depicting today’s decision.

Lawrence Taylor was arrested for rape this week. Fans everywhere were shocked that a deranged crack-head could do such a thing.

This guy said society was ‘turning pedophile’. He commonly refers to his penis as ‘society’.

This lady is lamenting the loss of time she spent sewing tea bags to her hat instead of visiting her dying mother.

Fascism is on the rise again, this time in China.

Riots broke out in Greece this week when some guy bumped into him getting off the bus.

Taliban fighters at a May Day potluck.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck was in the news this week for being jealous of Erin Andrews for getting raped.

In China, executions are so common they even occur in public restrooms.

UK elections happened this week. Why are these guys smiling? The Conservative candidate David Cameron, pictured middle, is smiling because his party won a plurality of seats in the House of Commons. The other two – consolation blow jobs.


  1. This is amazing. Bub, in the future I will get my news exclusively through you. Please address the Greek credit crunch and its global financial implications soon!

  2. Best feature on OYIT, hands down! It appeals to my interest of things on Earth and Lawrence Taylor.

  3. i'll take my sister's place and grade this one: A +++++++++++

  4. in case you haven't come to terms with it yet, this is fantastic bub! and i'm stealing that first picture.


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