Good Morning Hurricanes!

By Stephen 

This week marks the 5th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. For the families and friends of those who were affected by the tragedy (or by the federal government's grossly fumbled response) this is a time of remembrance and deservedly bitter reflection. But for the conservative racists of America, Hurricane Katrina forever laid bare the savage, depraved nature of an impoverished minority, fomenting and entrenching that deep-seeded prejudice against blacks that festers within so much of our white-bread citizenry. Despicable. Yet, in the wake of Katrina, New Orleans was rife with looters and some crazy shit DID go down in the Superdome. Like this:

"And the cats shall lay down with the dogs..."

Like in the fucking Book of Revelations! Even more terrifyingly prophetic was this:

An actual photo from the Superdome.

That's right - a cat found the one white baby in the whole dome and LAID with it. God's judgment? Nope! According to the ASPCA and many Saints fans, these kinds of things were happening in the Superdome long before it became home to Katrina refugees.

Today's Weather Forecast

Thankfully for Bermuda, Hurricane Danielle (above) has been downgraded from a hurricane to a Category I storm. But Bermudans aren't off the hook. A Category I storm may not incite apocalyptic wonders like a hurricane, but things will get very, very wet and looters will still be shot on sight.

Today's Anti-Hero

Roland J. Bourgeois, Jr. "The Bernie Goetz of New Orleans"

In the wake of Katrina, this man stood at the end of his block with a shotgun and told his neighbors that "Anything darker than a paper bag coming up this street is getting shot." And sure enough, he shot three black men coming up his street. He's just now going to trial for these hate-crimes and, despite his innocent plea, ought to be convicted and sent to prison. Just goes to show that racially-motivated vigilantism is never OK. (Other forms of vigilantism however, such as in the Death Wish saga, are acceptable.)

Music Video of the Day

Here's the famed Fred Coscia, co-host of the Staten Island Comedy Show, performing the song "Hurricane" - which may or may not be related to Hurricane Katrina. Have a great day!


  1. Stpehen, do you remember when because of Hurricane K. a dog walked on its hind legs and became president of your H.S. Class?

  2. Second in your class was a $400 maggot infested trashcan that could have been smelted into tools for poor Nigerian workers long ago, but instead was used to fuel the fevered egos of bourgeois offspring. In a word: distopian.

  3. I wonder what those communist/BlackPanther start up groups that were organizing in the Lower 9th Ward are doing today?

  4. I only got to the word "white-bread" before I had to leave the library and make some french toast.

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  7. That's not spam. That's a member of the Staten Island Comedy Hour!

  8. Or the Roosevelt Island blogging community.

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