Scam Bait: Togo Edition

By Keelin 

Greetings Keelin,

Late Family Estate.

I'm Mr. Faye K. LAWSON (ESQ), Attorney to the Court of Lomé-TOGO. One of my client, Late Dr. Paul O., a native of your country, who shares the same surname as yours, died in an air crash in Benin republic on 26 December, 2003, at exactly 18:16gmt alongside his wife and their only daughter. After his death, investigation to lacate his relatives prove abbortive.

I put myself in contact with you to seek your help to share the money left behind by my client,a sum of (€6 million euro) is currently in one of the banks here with an open WILL.

Please contact me via the email for more details;

Best regards,
Mr. Faye K. LAWSON (ESQ)
Solicitors & Advocates
Block 2, Flat 5, Rue du Boulevard,
PB 333, Lome-Togo.


Greetings to you as well Mr. Faye K. Lawson,

First of all, let me compliment you on your evocative and trust-inspiring name. All lawyers should have the word "law" somewhere in their name, if only out of professional courtesy.

Secondly, thank you for informing me of the death of my relative with such tact and tenderness. To be honest, nobody in the family even liked Dr. Paul O., which is probably why we haven't noticed that he's been dead for seven years. His wife and daughter were OK, I guess, but we think they might have had a pill problem and anorexia, respectively. Also, they gave the worst Christmas gifts.

Anyway, it's good to know the exact time they died in case something creepy starts happening and we need to figure out if they are haunting us.

I've shared your email with the family and we are all wondering what Dr. Paul O. was doing in Benin. We knew he was in deep with the cartels, but we always imagined he'd die under suspicious circumstances in a Latin American country -- certainly not in your esteemed republic!

In terms of claiming my inheritance, why don't you just send me your ATM card with the PIN and I'll withdraw the money myself? You'll save a ton in transaction fees!

Most eagerly awaiting your reply,



  1. I cannot wait to hear his reply. This coul determine whether I choose to write my senior thesis on Togo or Benin.

  2. Transaction fees are always what get you in these types of business dealings.

  3. This seems pretty legit to me.

  4. I just got the same email this morning. I am very excited about my windfall! It's so weird that both our relatives died at exactly the same time and had exactly the same amount of money.

    Small word, eh? God moves in mysterious ways.

  5. Patrick, I can only assume this means we are long lost cousins. We can thank the republic of Benin for reuniting us.


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