Pentagon releases official statement regarding leak of Young Jeezy's forthcoming album TM103

By Bryan

The Pentagon would like to release the following statement regarding the recent leak of Jay Wayne Jenkins' (henceforth referred to as Young Jeezy) forthcoming album, TM 103, otherwise known as Thug Motivation 103. The Pentagon would like to condemn this leak and those who leaked it, as well as, the supplier of the leaked tracks. We would first like to note what a disservice this leak does not just to Mr. Jeezy, but also to Def Jam records, and the numerous trappers and thugs across our country that depend on Jeezy for both motivation and support in their struggles. It should be noted that the early leak of this highly anticipated and protected album puts many in both the rap game and the trap game in great jeopardy: the early leak of tracks such as "Mamma Told Me" and "Might Just Blow That" allows the enemies of the game to pour over them in anticipation of a street release, discovering any weaknesses in Jeezy's swagger and giving them the wherewithal to prepare an answer before Jeezy is even able to ask the question. I encourage those who would support those who provide these leaks, and the providers of the leaks themselves, to truly consider our large community of trappers and thugs that depend on Jeezy's work to keep up their grind; further endangering those who are in constant danger is not only immoral, but also, in this case, illegal.

It should be noted, though, that this release provides little new information or beats that Jeezy has not already released himself. Tracks such as "Trap or Die 2" and "Scared Money" have been out for almost a year at this point. Indeed, Jeezy released this tracks himself long ago in the interests of full disclosure to both his fans and to his haters. We here have been prepared for this leak for over a month now, pouring over the possible tracks that might be leaked, and the information we, Jeezy, and Def Jam have already provided. We see little value in this release as a whole: certain tracks, in fact, were never in consideration for the final album and are of no surprise to us, and should be of no surprise to anyone in the media or general public that has been following Jeezy's work as of late. Aside from a few beats here or there, this release honestly provides little new information, and is of little value to those that would pursue this information.

That said, it again must be noted the danger that this poses primarily to the thugs Jeezy supports: these are civilians working every day, out there grinding, out there trapping, just to support the hustlers and gangsters this country relies on. It is incredibly irresponsible of and whatever other parties responsible to release this without consideration for the fact that these tracks are not finalized, not properly mastered, and not released in a lossless format. The only thing releasing these tracks in such a state does is undermine the confidence Jeezy has built with these thugs and trappers, both endangering their lives and limiting Jeezy's ability to work with them in the future. Jeezy is, in fact, actually considering shelving what was released and working on entirely new material. This would delay this already quite postponed project even further, extending the time that these thugs and trappers would be without the proper support. We, again, condemn the actions of those who both perpetuated and distributed this leaked material, and hope they will consider the repercussions of such actions in the future. Also, we will be pursuing legal action against all involved parties, and will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

We would also like to state we have no comment on the supposed "insurance file" has been seeding, other than to say its encrypted content is rumored to be the new Willow Smith album. We would not be surprised, as these bullies and criminals would likely have no issues targeting an innocent nine year old girl.


  1. I've said it before and I will say it again, the Pentagon spends way too much time trying to protect Young Jeezy. If Jeezy is careless enough to let his tracks get into hands that might leak them, then that's his fault. Jezzy will continue trapping, afterall he is a trapstar. His album will be released and will go platinum.

  2. Yeah, just like the Left to portray Jeezy at fault here and not condemn the actions of the real criminals, the leakers. These kind of people should be locked up forever, at Guantanamo, since their actions amount to internet based terrorism. What they've done to Jeezy and all of the trappers out there is reprehensible.

  3. hOw did I miss this last time around????? oh wait, I was working on a campaign.

    This is great!


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