Life with Mikey #92

By Mikey 

"She's All That" is better than you'd think. Catch it sometime on TNT.

Mt. Rushmore would be cooler if it was the Three Stooges.

Sugar Ray were good for a couple hits.

The American Flag needs a redesign.

Hung Hungry Hippos is the Cadillac of board games.

I will never move to Michigan.

If I could meet one dead celebrity it would be Michael J. Fox.

Sumo Wrestling seems like an easy way to make a living.

I just don't see why dudes in the 1920s found flappers so sexy. Good thing we're living in 2011, I guess.

I don't take advice from people who are anti-dancing. I might not dance often, but I'd never stop anybody else from doing it.

Popeye should have never had children.

Calling 'insects' 'bugs' is cute.

Inspector Gadget was a bumbling fool. His daughter and his dog solved all of the crimes. How does that make him great?

Flipper was probably smarter than most humans.

I won't go camping because of the Friday the 13th movies. Plus, I dislike the outdoors.


  1. Michael J. Fox is not dead, of course, and sumo wrestling is one of the hardest sports to master in the world.