Life with Mikey #92

By Mikey 

"She's All That" is better than you'd think. Catch it sometime on TNT.

Mt. Rushmore would be cooler if it was the Three Stooges.

Sugar Ray were good for a couple hits.

The American Flag needs a redesign.

Hung Hungry Hippos is the Cadillac of board games.

I will never move to Michigan.

If I could meet one dead celebrity it would be Michael J. Fox.

Sumo Wrestling seems like an easy way to make a living.

I just don't see why dudes in the 1920s found flappers so sexy. Good thing we're living in 2011, I guess.

I don't take advice from people who are anti-dancing. I might not dance often, but I'd never stop anybody else from doing it.

Popeye should have never had children.

Calling 'insects' 'bugs' is cute.

Inspector Gadget was a bumbling fool. His daughter and his dog solved all of the crimes. How does that make him great?

Flipper was probably smarter than most humans.

I won't go camping because of the Friday the 13th movies. Plus, I dislike the outdoors.


  1. Michael J. Fox is not dead, of course, and sumo wrestling is one of the hardest sports to master in the world.

  2. Popeye raised Bluto's illegitimate children! He even makes them eat spinach!! He's a better man than you'll ever be Mikey!!


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