Untertainment Weakly (6-03-2011)

By Jake 

Yogi Bear 2 is coming.

Troubled actor Jeff Conaway has died. Are you surprised?

Gil-Scott Heron died. His funeral was not televised (I know this was a bad joke, but it is also true).

Snooki crashed into a cop car, injuring some Italian police officers. Snooki sucks, right?

Yeah, there’s already a “Hangover 3” in the works. Apparently, they have hired the writer of “Scary Movie 3” and “Scary Movie 4” to write it. Enjoy that, you cads.

Sarah Silverman is working on a new comedy show pilot script. “The Sarah Silverman Program” is a really great and funny show and you are a stupid “Hangover 3” fan if you don’t watch it.

Mark Paul Gosselaar has officially divorced his wife. Let the fucking commence.

For Glenn: “Burn Notice” has slated a guest appearance from Bush front-man Gavin Rossdale. 90s music nostalgics begin your swoon.

Movies Out Today
X-Men: First Class - Folks, your prayers have been answered: there is a pre-boot of the X-Men. This movie is everything you love about the X-Men except Wolverine! Who doesn’t want to see a Wolverine-less X-Men movie? And no other money-making movies are released this week--welcome to summer! Can X-Men beat the blockbusting Hangover 2 or will it be another Punisher: War Journal? Who gives a fuck, honestly? A ridiculous amount of superhero movies have been released and, sure, they’re usually fun, but how about pouring the millions of dollars into some quality films? Ha, yeah right. I’m not seeing this shit after the terrible X-Men 3.

Other Thoughts
The Hangover 2 destroyed at the box office. It made over $100 million in 5 days. It was critically panned, which is surprising to me. Bridesmaids continues to make a good amount of money every week since its release! I still haven’t seen it, but it’s pretty cool that another comedy made $16 million the same week another comedy made $105 million! Maybe these Hollywood bastards can make some more decent comedies now.


  1. Jake has seen more episodes of Burn Notice than I ever care to.

  2. And you have listened to more 90s music than I'd ever care to.

  3. I want Hangover 2 to be good though I know it wont be! Who is Jeff Conway?! On the SSP almost all of the jokes are 'a good intentioned but misguided person tries to do the right thing' which is my favorite type of joke, and that also is one of my favorite shows of all time

  4. Jeff Conaway was the actor guy on Taxi. He was also in Grease, I think, and most recently on a bunch of seasons of 'Celebrity Rehab.'

    Hangover 2 is going to probably be terrible. It was amazing that the first one was good, really.

  5. I'm looking forward to the green lantern movie. I hear they may also make an avengers live action movie which could be okay.

  6. They are making that, Joss Whedon is directing it. They might be filming it already.

  7. Wolverine was in he new X-Men, but only for about 20 seconds. He dropped the only F-bomb in the script.


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