Life with Mikey #93

By Mikey 

Hi! I signed up for the Facebook after I spent two weeks looking at people's profiles. So many people don't let you see very much, though! Please send me a friendship message at:

E-mail is fine, but it will never beat real mail. I have never gotten an issue of MAD Magazine in an e-mail.

Pineapple are too dangerous.

My favorite pizza is the kind with chicken.

I find lemons to be a little on the sour side.

Lily Tomlin is funny. I like when she's a phone operator. It's still as relevant as the day she first did it.

How the heck do I softboil an egg?

Why don't they make Lincoln Logs anymore? People don't like Abe Lincoln anymore?

My fishing hole is a secret. I'm not going to tell you where it is. Don't even bother asking. Sorry.

What happens if Superman flies through the Bermuda Triangle.

I can't wait for the next Paul Reiser book.

There are some vegetables at the store that look like they're from outerspace. What the hell is a jicama?

I hate the silent treatment--drives me nuts.

Why is the internet going so slow!

Is it still okay to say "Native American?"

Pretzels are not a dessert, although the mall is trying to convice us otherwise.



  2. I'll scan an issue of MAD Magazine and email it to you right now, if that's what you really need.

  3. They stopped making Lincoln Logs after it was rumored that Honest Abe was gay. Of course, if he came out while president, they would have discharged him as Commander and Chief under DADT.


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