Life with Mikey #97 (Special Lemonade Edition)

By Mikey 

The summer is coming to an end, and with that will come an end to my favorite seasonal beverage: lemonade. I want to give back to lemonade, so I wrote this special all lemonade edition of Life with Mikey.

Pink or yellow, lemonade is the king of drinks, or, actually, the queen if it is pink.

It would be nearly impossible to put too much sugar in lemonade.

I would never offer my special blend of lemonade to a diabetic.

I bet George Washington let his slaves drink lemonade on a really hot day. He probably had them make it, too.

Everything on the news is recession this and debt ceiling that, it’s never lemonade this and refreshing that. It’s one of the many reasons America is in trouble.

The best kind of straw is a bendable one. Crazy straws are too flashy.

Mike’s Hard Lemonade is too good. The last thing I need is alcohol added to my lemonade. I passed out by 8 and yelled at my cat, which I would never do sober.

A lot of to-do has been made in my household about putting ice in lemonade. I see both sides of the argument, so I made ice cubes out of lemonade. Problem solved.

Would I want lemonade to come out of my faucets instead of water? No, I still need to be able to shower.

Osama bin Laden didn’t have a single glass of lemonade in his compound. No wonder he was murdered.

Why is it that lemons are terrible, but when you turn them into ade they are heavenly? It really makes you think.

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