Life with Mikey #102

By Mikey

MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice--it’s all just hip hop to me.

Jaywalking is only okay when it’s a segment on Jay Leno, and even then it is not that good.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away?  Maybe, but apples might have worms inside them.  Pass!

I wouldn’t have wanted to compete in a pie eating contest with Haystacks Calhoun.

Why are there so many songs about hand holding?

I only eat corn dogs at fairs.  Never had one at a carnival, never ordered one in a restaurant and absolutely never had them at home.

If I was single I would eat a Toblerone for breakfast instead of McDonald’s or cereal.

I’m sick of oil companies trying to force me to put corn in my car.

The only adults that have slumber parties are swingers.

Babytalk is gross.  I doubt babies like it.

Shakira is a very talented singer/dancer.

My cat isn’t allowed in the market, which makes it harder to get him the cat food he wants.

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  1. A Toblerone is a terrible breakfast. I'm glad you're married or else you would probably be dead!

  2. I wish he was dead AND married!


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