Life with Mikey 103

By Mikey

It is 2012, a year I couldn't even imagine living to back in the 80s.  It seemed like a million years away, but it was only really 30.  I don't know much about the Mayans, but if they want the world to end this year, then they are probably jerks.

Just because I laugh at a Cheech and Chong record does not mean I condone drug use.

I bet baby food is delicious.

I just can't get enough sweet & sour chicken.

Sour cream really isn't that sour, at least compared to a lemon.

Do kids still use Trapper Keepers or is everything just computers now?

Why didn't Cap'n Crunch ever get his own TV show?

I like cop movies with dogs.  They're pretty funny.

In my opinion Weird Al is the weirdest singer out there these days.

I feel bad for Dilbert, the guy has a rough work life.

Soccer is a dangerous sport. It`s the only game where you have to eat your team mates.


  1. Cap'n Crunch is a spokes jack! His TV show would have been a 22 minute commercial.

  2. This is the second most overtly racist column you've ever written Mikey! Right behind 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion'!! I hope you get sent to a concentration camp!!!

  3. The world isn't going to end you fucking idiot. If we can get through the first term of Barack Obama - who is LITERALLY the anti-christ - then we can get through anything.

  4. Sesame chicken is better. It was my relapse food when I was going back to vegetarianism.
    Feel bad for Dilbert that work is his only life!


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