Untertainment Weakly (1-27-12)

By Jake

“Captain America 2” is going to start filming THIS YEAR!

Steven Spielberg will be bringing the story of Moses to the big screen.

NBC is developing a Dwight Schrute spinoff from “The Office.”  The show will take place at his beet farm.  Sounds fucking awful to me.

The “Hangover III” actors are going to get a huge $15million payday.

ABC has ordered a “Beauty and the Beast.”  So did CW.  What the fuck!?  Who wants to see this shit?

Andy Dick is being sued for assault.  Shocking, I know.

Movies Out This Weekend
Man on a Ledge - This is the story of a man on a ledge, who is going to jump, supposedly.  Elizabeth Banks is a woman who tries to save him, I guess.  I like Elizabeth Banks and I like a title that tells you, in a very generic way, what you will be seeing.  For some reason, the idea reminds me of “Cellular” and “Phonebooth.”  Ebert gave it two stars.  Probably don’t see it.

The Grey - A Liam Neeson film about some dudes who are in the Arctic Circle trying to survive and, I think, getting eaten by wolves.  This is actually probably going to be really good.  It doesn’t sound like fun to watch, so I won’t be going to see it.  Still, if you have to go see a movie this weekend, go see “Haywire.”  It was really great.  It’s like an art house action movie with no music during the fight scenes and the music that does play in the film is like jazz.

Other Thoughts
Sadly, not a lot of news this week.  One piece of news I did not talk about yet, but will now, is that “Chelsea” and “Whitney” have been getting bad ratings on Wednesday.  This could be good news for our favorite show ,“Community.”  By now, everybody should know that I enjoy “Whitney,” although everybody else seems to hate it, so I’m hoping that “Chelsea is the show that gets canceled. 


  1. Let's cancel EVERY TV show and start over from the beginning.

  2. Where's Community?!?! I only watched 30 minutes of new live action network situation comedy this week, that's not enough to get me through!

  3. What about 30 Rock? Happy Endings? The New Girl?

  4. I wont watch 30 Rock out of protest, I missed the beginning of Happy Endings so I feel like it's too late now, and the New Girl is terrible! Weeks with Parks and Recreation I'm OK

  5. I like The New Girl. Why are you protesting 30 Rock? It didn't get Community bumped, that stupid Chelsea Handler show and the Will Arnett/Applegate show did. 30 Rock was always coming back to Thursdays in January. Happy Endings is good.


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