Life with Mikey #105

By Mikey

I'd take the smell of leaves burning over coffee every time.

My favorite breakfast: all you can eat hotcakes.

Why isn't Sinbad in more movies?  The guy is a great actor.

Mr. T is a pretty excitable guy.

Yogi the Bear is smarter than the average bear, but the average bear is still pretty dumb, so who cares?

Cowboys should quit smoking cigarettes.

A band like The Cranberries only comes along once every 15 years.

Who needs 20 cars?  That's just too darn many.

I have never slipped while wearing slippers.

I have watched "Dog: The Bounty Hunter," and it's about a man, not a dog.  Talk about false advertising.

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  1. How would a dog be a bounty hunter? Dogs don't even use money!

  2. The average bear is still a lot smarter than YOU, dumbass!!!


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