Facebook Fun Volume 2

By Staff

This week Facebook bought Instagram, the popular photo sharing social network filled with teens desperately begging other people to follow them and "heart" their pictures.  In response, all of us closed our Instagram accounts but got VERY serious about our Facebook activity.  This week, we travel to some familiar haunts featuring Lana Del Ray and Congressman Billy Long (R-MO) in addition to some new territory: corporate Facebook pages.

Enjoy and remember clicking on one picture will bring up a slideshow of all this week's screenshots.  If you have a specific corporation or FB page you want targeted, violently or otherwise, please let us know in the comments.

This is what happens when you post too much spam.

Offensive to think I don't know Vietnamese.

Lana finally curses at us!

LOL - the game will NEVER be over?

Owl City Vietnam finally gets into the mix.

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  1. In love with these beautiful pictures of Lana, thanks for letting us have an eye over the screenshots of these photographs.


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