Untertainment Weakly (4-13-12)

By Jake

Nicole Kidman has signed on to play Grace Kelly in the upcoming biopic “Grace of Monaco.”

Tim Burton is planning on making a stop-motion “Night of the Living Dead” remake.  He can eat my ass.

“General Hospital” has been renewed.

Fox will re-air the pilot of “Married...With Children” to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

“Game of Thrones” got renewed for a third season.

Fox has renewed “Glee,” “Raising Hope” and “The New Girl.”

NBC is looking at ways to “reboot” “The Office,” which would mix new characters in with the characters we all currently love, like the guy in the background who never speaks.

Seth MacFarlane’s “Flintstones” reboot is on hold.  Really, that’s too bad.  How will I know if it is a living or not?

Jaleel White denies abuse claims, says, “I did not do that.”

Matthew Perry Watch
Matty, stay out of the sun!  You are too tanned, bro.  Could you BE anymore tan?

A Quick Plea for You to Watch NBC’s “Best Friends Forever”
This is a really great show starring Lennon Parham and Jessica St. Clair.  They write the show by improvising into a tape recorder.  The show has a different type of humor than your standard sitcom and might take more than one episode to get into, but I really enjoy it.  I know this show is going to get canceled so enjoy it while it’s around.

Movies Out This Weekend
The Three Stooges - When patrons walk into the theater to see this film, they should be met with a firing squad instead of this abhorrent film.  The people who pay to see this film should be immediately put to death.  They are part of the problem, not part of the solution.  The solution is to exterminate the moviegoers who will plunk down $30 for a ticket to this trash.  America will never heal while they are still around.

Lockout - It seems a little too soon to make a movie about the NBA lockout, but always starved for an unoriginal idea, Hollywood couldn’t help but leap on this one.  Will this movie be a slam dunk or a brick?  Will the movie spell out “H-O-R-S-E” or will it only get to the ‘R’ and lose to its opponent?

Movies I Watched This Week
2 Fast 2 Furious 7.5/10
Drunken Angel 9/10
Onibaba 7.5/10
Fast & Furious 7.5/10
Pitfall 9/10
Tower Heist 6/10
Fast Five 8/10
The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift 7.5/10
Drive Angry 5.5/10

Song of the Week


  1. You've watched more Fast and Furious car movies in the past two weeks than most people have ever seen in their whole lives!

    Also - $30 for 3 stooges? I hope you are buying your tickets at the theatre, not someone in the parking lot. "Hey man got some bootleg tix to Fast 6 Furious 6 - only $30!"

    Best Friends Forever is better than your "average" sitcom but I did not like the Jessica St. Clair character in the pilot episode.

  2. The dingleberry from stooges is verified on the twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/diamantopoulosc

  3. I watched Fast Five and Tokyo Drift with Jake and fell in love with them. Now I'm going to shrink my car to Japanese drift car size and drift my ass to work every day.
    Though I'm not thrilled Tim Burton's next project idea is a reboot I do love Tim Burton's style and would definitely see it.

  4. I can't believe you watched all those movies! I want Matthew Perry Watch to only have positive news - when I'm not 'watching' him I assume he's doing something depressing!! I missed BFF - can I watch it online somewhere???

  5. Yes: http://www.hulu.com/best-friends-forever

    Matthew Perry does not do that much every week. Sadly, that was the closest thing I had to news on him. He got too much sun or too much spray tan. Probably trying to impress Lizzie.


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