Untertainment Weakly (4-6-12)

By Jake

Adam Sandler is producing a remake of Mark Harmon’s smash hit “Summer School.”

David Letterman and Craig Fergusen have been renewed through 2014.

Neil Patrick Harris will host the Tony’s!

The creator of “Two and a Half Men” thinks there are too many women on TV now.  I think there’s two and a half men too many on TV.

Amanda Bynes was arrested for a DUI at 3:00 AM Friday morning.  Free Amanda Bynes!

Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels are returning for a “Dumb & Dumber” sequel.  How did they get Jeff Daniels to agree?

Adam Sandler won 10 Razzies!  Congrats Adam, you truly deserved it!

“Captain America 2” is confirmed for April 2014.  Good thing none of us will live long enough to see it.

There are rumors that Kristen Wiig, Jason Sudeikis and Andy Samberg are leaving after this season of “Saturday Night” is finished.  

Taylor Lautner has joined “Grown Ups 2.”

A reboot of the motherfucking “Mummy”?  I make a lot of jokes about reboots and remakes, but this is just completely fucked up.  Fuck you!  Fuck everybody.

“Community” creator, Dan Harmon, and Chevy Chase are embroiled in a feud, which hopefully will not lead to Chevy leaving the show.

Matthew Perry Watch
Here’s a picture of Matty P. filming his new pilot “Go On.”

Movies Out This Weekend
Titanic 3D - If you see this movie then you are a waste of the resources that it takes to keep you alive.  You are bottom-feeding scum and you deserve to feel death’s icy caress.

American Reunion - Remember when there was a movie about a guy who fucks a pie?  This is the third direct sequel to that film.  There are two unofficial sequels entitled “American Pie Presents: Band Camp” and “American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile.”  You might be wondering which of these films has a higher IMDB rating--they are both rated at a 4.9.  I would recommend seeing this rehash before you see either of those.  Seriously, don’t see this movie.  What’s the point?  Read a book or smack around your useless penis/vagina.

Movies I Watched This Week
Downfall 8/10
Pickup on South Street 6/10
An Education 8/10
The Fast and the Furious 6.5/10
Monster House 6.5/10
Smiley Face 9.5/10
The Future 7/10

Song of the Week


  1. Amanda Bynes looks fucked up in that picture. She looks like she's from the future or a Marily Manson concert from the past.

  2. Amanda Bynes looks like she just found out there was going to be a "Summer School" remake!

  3. new meme: Amanda Bynes "finding out" things, like how Hitler finds out something in the movie you watched this week, Downfall.

  4. I used to like Dan Harmon a lot, but he kind of sounds like a terrible person so I'm CONFLICTED! GO ON posting pictures of Matthew Perry in his new pilot!! You loved Smiley Face SO MUCH!!!

  5. That MP picture was the only "actual" "news" from him this week and I'm not ready to give up MP Watch yet.

    I do love Smiley Face so much. It is so funny to me. I like it even more knowing it's a Greg Araki movie and how awful his other movies are.

    Dan Harmon is an asshole, but so are we and Chevy Chase is known for being difficult to work with. I love a lot of stuff Dan Harmon has made.

  6. the whole feud is just being done to bring viewers to Community and it's working

  7. Most people you love in life turn out to be assholes. So it's not just a woman thing. And it's either that or some granola munching hippie making up songs to the tune of 'crash into me' about how much they adore you. I'll take a big gaping asshole any day!


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