Poetry Corner: Haikus (4-09-12)

By Jake

Longtime fans of One Year in Texas will know that I have written haikus many times in the past.  So, what better way to kick off our newest feature "Poetry Corner"?

What is the deal with
Michael Jordan’s mustache huh
Looks like Hitler’s right?

Mike Wallace is dead
The host of “60 Minutes”
We will miss this man

Do not ride your bike
It gives you prostate cancer
And you will def die

Rap songs about shoes
What could be more natural
Everybody wears shoes

Let’s watch Kazaam, dear
For our anniversary
Then we will have sex

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin
Was the stunning Ringmaster
Before he was cold

Glenn eats at Subway
Before ironing his shirts
Then reads Glenn Greenwald

Spud Webb starts his car
Drives to the mall for some food
The food court is great

Religion or a huge cult
Xenu will tell you


  1. The Spud Webb one was a huge swerve - you never hear about him driving to the mall for food, just about how short he is.

  2. Haha! I love the Spudd Webbb one!! You're the greatest poet on love since Hafiz!!!

  3. Kazaam is a romatic diamond-in-the-rough.

  4. Everyone does wear shoes; you'd think more people could embrace rap music!!


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