Untertainment Weakly (10-19-12)

By  Jake

NBC has canceled Dane Cook’s sitcom “Next Caller” before it even aired.  The episodes will not be shown.

Celebrity crushes Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are hosting the “Golden Globe Awards.”

Adam Scott signed on to produce three more specials for Adult Swim.

NBC has canceled “Animal Practice” and replaced it with “Whitney.”

Newsweek is ending print publication.  Now how will I know that Obama is a bad president because he’s black?

Tom Hanks said “fuck” on “Good Morning America” today.

Matthew Perry Watch

Matthew Perry has signed up David Beckham for a cameo on the hit sadcom “Go On.”

Movies I Watched in the Last Month
Argo 7.5/10 - Good, but pretty dry.
That’s My Boy 6.5/10 - Much better than expected.  My wife and I both thought it was funny.
The Baby Makers 5/10 - Another shitty Broken Lizard-related movie.  A few mild laughs.

Song of the Week

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