Fart Sketch

By Jake

[Employees shuffle in.]

Sheryl: I'm excited for this presentation. I've never met the CEO. What's he like?

Will: He does a solid presentation, but you gotta be careful around this guy. He's a bit of a hard ass, pardon the language.

Thomas: oh definitely. I heard that he fired a guy for farting.

Sheryl: For farting?

Thomas: it was at a Chillis.

Sheryl: A waiter?

Thomas: No, he can't fire a waiter at a place he doesn't work. It was Bob Fresno. He invited him to lunch. Made him order 3 plates of beans, too. Fired him for farting.

Will: I heard it was because he didn't wipe.

Sheryl: You're supposed to wipe?

Thomas: Not unless it's wet. And I heard this was real dry.

Will: Bob had some of the driest ones I ever heard. He farted like he was in the vacuum of space.

Sheryl: Wow.

Thomas: The guy slipped up. He's not the only one either.

Will: Remember Seth Harding? From accounting?

Thomas: Of course. Good guy.

Will: Yeah, a great guy. He got fired for farting at a party.

Sheryl: Boulder fired him at a party for farting?

Thomas: It was his party, too. Seth’s.

Will: He went to the bathroom to do it. He wiped. Washed his hands. Sanitizer. Everything. Still got fired for farting.

Sheryl: That is crazy.

Thomas: Boulder lost a lot of money in the market crash. Fired his investor.

Sheryl: For farting?

Thomas: No. For losing all that money. That one was justified, I guess.


  1. Wow, a nice post! I like this coversation

  2. is this comedy??? jake aint funny@ he thinks he is, kind of sad

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