Life With Mikey [6-07-10]

By Mikey 

The MTV Movie Awards were last night and my son begged me to let him watch it. I said he could, but I was going to watch it with him. He was rooting for the vampires and I was for the werewolves.

I wish I was better at origami.

I need to pick up the DVDs for Seaquest DSV.

My brand of root beer is Dog and Suds, but I'll occasionally have some A&W. Never Barqs.

I hate surrealist paintings. I don't care about a melting clock or a person made out of water.

Why does Justin Timberlake get to star in movies?

I bought Dick Tracy on DVD instead of going to see Letters to Juliet. I think I made the right decision.

If I was a woman I'd do some yoga.

Lou Ferrigno was deaf, so how could the director tell him what to do on the set of The Incredible Hulk?

I try to get all of my news from Jesse Ventura.

My cell phone ringtone is "Whoomp There it Is" by Tag Team. That's from when hip hop had heart and you could dance to it.

George Clooney was a really good Batman. I don't know why so many people talk negatively about him.

The best time to go fishing is when it's raining. The rain makes those guys really hungry for worms and chicken gizzards.

Koala bears are cute, but I hear they're the deadliest animal. Is that true?


  1. Does Jesse Ventura even give the news?

    Mikey, you're a cut-up.

  2. You probably heard that about koalas from Jesse Ventura, you nincompoop!!

  3. I am for the werewolves too!

  4. what the fuck do you have against barqs? and guys can do yoga too -- what do you think this is, 1993? GUESS SO BECAUSE OF YOUR STUPID WHOOMP THERE IT IS RING TONE!

  5. lol, very well played Maddie.

  6. President Obama was in that Tag Team video:


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