One Week In-tertainment (6-06-10)

By Jake 

Celine Dion is having fucking twins! YES!!

Tony Jaa (Ong Bak) has quit the film industry temporarily to become a Buddhist Monk. Why hasn't Cameron Diaz done this?

ABC wants J.J. Abrams to reboot Alias.

Speaking of reboots, Community's Donald Glover has started an online campaign to get an audition for the Spider-Man reboot. Glover starring would literally be the only way I would ever see it this side of a Clockwork Orange style forcing.

Chris Jericho will be the host of ABC's new game show "Downfall."

Miley Cyrus does not "get" Glee. Miley Cyrus is great because she has an opinion on everything just like Mikey. Life with Miley.

James Cameron has met with Washington officials over putting an end to this oil spill.

Rue McClanahan


  1. Mikey vs. Miley - THAT I'd go to Buffalo Wild Wings for.

  2. What is ABC's "Downfall" show about? The movie "The Downfall (Der Untergang)"? Will it just be Chris Jericho (who is he?) showing all the Hitler rant mash-ups that they pulled off of YouTube? Will they show the one about AIDS? It's worse than any joke Glenn has ever made about AIDS on this site. This post is leaving me with a lot of questions.

  3. WTF! i didn't know it was possible for 70 year olds to conceive, let alone have TWINS.


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