Untertainment Weakly (11-25-11)

By Jake

Netflix is bringing back “Arrested Development” for a fourth season. 

Sylvester Stalone is making a musical stage adaptation of “Rocky” for some reason that nobody will ever truly understand.

Katy Perry is going to host “Saturday Night Live” in December. I hope nobody who is reading this watches it.

NBC has picked up the Muppet project “Meet the Nabors,” about a human family living next door to a family of puppets. Consider this before you write it off: John Riggi (“30 Rock” and “The Larry Sanders Show”) is a co-creator.

SyFy has ordered a pilot of an hour-long TV program about DC superhero Booster Gold. Huh? That is pretty bizarre and awesome.

Movies Out Today
The Muppets - I saw this film on Wednesday. It was pretty fun if you like the Muppets. Maybe you don’t like the Muppets. If that happens to be the case, I would recommend you go see “Jack & Jill.”

Arthur Christmas - I’m not sure whether Arthur Christmas is a person’s full name, a sequel to another movie called “Arthur Easter,” or if “Arthur” is a franchise of which kids are clamoring for Christmas adventures. I have seen this trailer on teleivsion numerous times. It looks awful. Kids will love this. The kids in the theater during “The Muppets” did not enjoy the film because there was little slapstick and bathroom humor. This movie seems like it will be full of pratt falls.

Hugo - This film is directed by Martin Scorsese. That is literally the only thing I know about it. I have seen reviews of this call it “magical.” I don’t think that the titular character is a magician or a wizard, but he may be. I would consider seeing this, I suppose. I probably never will unless it ends up on Netflix Instant, and even then it will probably just sit in my queue gathering micro-dust until it expires, much like the milk in my fridge.

Other Thoughts
This was Thanksgiving week and I came home for the holiday. Last night I hung out with OYIT’s own Bub and Glenn. We watched our favorite TV program “America’s Funniest Home Videos” and a bird deepthroated a hot dog while the host made orgasmic sounds. It was pretty hilarious. 


  1. If you don't like the Muppets then you were probably born on an ultra conservative psychopatic compound. Watch them and you will want to commit suicide because you won't believe there is anything better in the world.

  2. Also when did America's Funniest Videos start showing blurred out beaver shots?

  3. Yeah, I remember when I was a kid and they'd just show it, no blur.

  4. This is old news! I still don't know what Hugo is!! I remember those blurred out beaver shots!!!


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