Best of Bub

Heaven at the Mall by Bub

Secret Shopper by Bub

The Announcement by Bub

Job Opportunity: The First Scam Bait by Bub

Existential Meditations by Bub

Goldfish by Bub

Dissolution by Bub

Bub's Public Joke File Vol. 3 by Bub

More Scam Baitby Bub

I Miss Dorothy by Bub

Miller Time Metamorphosis by Bub

You Might Be a Redneck If... by Bub

Bub's Public Joke File 4 by Bub

Local Business Showcase: Futuristic Thai by Bub

Runaway Train by Bub

Tiger Woods' Attempted Spanish Language Apology by Bub

First Round of Submissions : One Year In Texas Annual Good Morning Miami Fan Fiction Contest by Bub

Corey Haim's Last Blog Post by Bub

Scam Bait: Bolo by Bub

Hooded Stranger by Bub

Divine Subway Intervention by Bub

Listmania by Bub

Bub's American Life by Bub

Why'd You Do It? by Bub

Congressman Bub's Letter of Resignation by Bub

Judge Judy: Burrows vs Britt by Bub

Bub's Public Joke File: World Cup Edition by Bub

The Night Parade by Bub

Visit Great Grass America Theme Park! by Bub

Oregon, Part One by Bub

Oregon, Part Two by Bub

Taxman by Clay and Bub

I Don't Want This Weekend to End - Why 'Friday' is my Rosebud by Bub

Feldspar by Bub

What Was YOUR Favorite Part of the Royal Wedding by Bub

Ultimate Tournament of Champions by Bub

Recall by Bub

An Appointment with Fate (or, A Good Doctor is Hard to Find) by Bub

A Patriot's Guide to Vegetables by Bub

The Diary of Dan Schanck by Bub

You Might be a Redneck If... by Bub

The Haunted Cash Register by Bub


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