Haikus [2-08-09]

By Jake

Back with more haikus
To wrap up the week for you
Let's get shit started

Economic crunch
The chairman destroys the chairs
Openings need filled

AFI's list of
Top ten comedies aren't seen
Summaries given

Hi Katy is back
Offering needed advice
To women and men

Heather Joy's parents
Are not only deaf but hate
Cussing, she tries not

TV show ideas
Usually don't include Dick
Butkus this one does

Bub's 25 facts
Similar to the Facebook
Trend except funny

Jake makes a drone song
It is 14 minutes long
Not many listen

Top seven results
One: "school for anal bleaching"
Many referrals

Mikey does return!
He muses on issues like
Bill Cosby's sweaters

Nate shares his cover
Of Survivors' classic song
"Eye of the Tiger"

It is our one month, no one
Bothers to comment

Beth's angry take
On that bitch with eight babies
Much applause given

Bub captions pictures
Steve Martin brings down the house
And may be racist

Kentucky Derby?
Nay, Demolition Derby!
Now that is a song!

David Spade is shit
An open letter to him
States that very point

Spade is defended
Bub tells of his dead step dad
And his dead beat dad

Ideas for an
Article form into an
Article itself


  1. Ice Elvis was tagged
    In more than one post this week
    Life is worth living!

  2. Your summaries by
    haiku are like a pheasant
    that is fair and wise

  3. jake's little poems: the
    quiet golden nuggets of
    one year in texas.


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